SHOW ME THE MONEY! - Best practices for getting paid. Download the podcast with special guest Eve Lindemuth Bodeux (@ebodeux) @GloballySpeak @renatobeninatto @mstevensrev #localization # freelancer #invoice #smallbusiness #startup
Listen to the podcast from @GloballySpeak: Best practices for getting paid. Special guest, Eve Lindemuth Bodeux (@ebodeux), consultant at @rebeltranslate Download: @GloballySpeak @renatobeninatto @mstevensrev #localization #consultant #startup
RT @renatobeninatto: AMPLEXOR Announces the Development of an Enterprise-Grade, Neural Machine Translation Solution as…
@robinsacek Great question. This is a perception study on what motivates buyers to use MT, which is based of course on their personal experience and opinions, which don’t necessarily reflect actual results. It is an interesting data point though to looks at what motivates buyers.
What do real-life users of machine translation think about it? We've asked. Find out more in the latest blog: #machinetranslation #localization #l10n #xl8 #t9n
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If AI can produce music, what can't it do? And how will it continue to change our industry? Read more: #AI #artificial intelligence #MT #machinetranslation #NMT
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The Nimdzi 100 The definitive market analysis for 2018

This report is Nimdzi’s inaugural ranking of the largest language service providers in the world. The report also includes an in-depth market analysis that conservatively estimates the LSP industry valued at USD 50 billion in 2018, a figure that is expected to grow to USD 66.5 billion by 2022. 
We are very proud to offer broad access to our data. This report is free to all who are interested, whether you’re a localization buyer, investor, job seeker or analyst. There’s no paywall. No strings attached. The information is available to any who are interested.

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Nimdzi means knowledge. Nimdzi means analysis. Nimdzi means insight. 


Nimdzi also means that you have a new best friend to help you navigate your way through the language services industry! We provide industry reporting, insights and consulting, drawing upon our decades of combined experience. Our passion is seeing companies succeed. Our privilege is being a part of that process. 


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The language services industry is growing and there is no end in sight. For your company to dominate the competition and be ahead of the game, you require insight – and that is exactly where we come in. We come from diverse backgrounds in the language industry. We are a market research and international consulting company made up of analysts, consultants, LSP experts, and researchers. But we are all connected with one united goal – Helping our clients succeed.

Everything Nimdzi does is backed up by a solid team of international researchers, writers, subject matter experts, and other contributors, more than can be listed here. We are growing our team weekly and are always looking for experienced and talented folks to come help us on our mission to provide equal access to high quality information to everybody in the industry.

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  • Colorful-Featured

    The 2018 Nimdzi 100 – LSP Rankings

    The Nimdzi 100The 2018 ranking of the largest language services providers in the world The Nimdzi 100 Let’s get right to it, shall we? The information you came here for is either the Nimdzi 100 Ranking or the Language Services Market Sizing. The Nimdzi 100 is in the table below, where we rank the top LSPs […]

  • CC-Smaller

    Global payment gateways series: Part 2 – Types of payment gateways

    Global Payment Gateways SeriesPart 2 – Payment gateways and preferred payment methods Introduction –  In this report, we take a look at how your investment – or your lack of investment – in your ecommerce payment method infrastructure can have a significant impact on revenue. Choosing payment gateways that advertise the best protection and security […]

  • ecommerce 2301933_1920

    Global payment gateways series: Part 1 – Basics

    Global Payment Gateways SeriesPart 1 – Payment gateway basics; your connection to the global market Introduction –  For companies large, small, and in between, for businesses just starting off, and for those already on the global scene, the more knowledgeable you are about payment gateways, the more prepared you will be for the rapidly evolving […]

  • LSP Translator criteria

    How LSPs choose the best translators

    How do LSPs Choose the Best Translators? A data driven analysis of decision criteria From the onset of the Worldwide Web in the 1990s to present day, the Internet has diverged in unimaginable ways – and it keeps on changing right before our eyes. Once dominated by the English language, the Internet is now a […]

  • wallet 2125548_1920

    Global payment gateways series: Introduction

    Global Payment Gateways SeriesIntroduction – your gateway to success! Introduction –  We know. We get it. You want your customers to enjoy a painless experience at checkout but you just don’t know how to make that happen. There are traditional gateways, modern gateways, integrated gateways, and hosted gateways. There are new, more stringent regulations requiring […]

  • Terminator

    Rise of the machines – the state of machine translation

    Rise of the machines The state of MT – cost, quality, and coverage Introduction –  Machine translation is perhaps the most rapidly evolving space in the language services industry. It is easy to get lost with new innovations being announced each day. This report will help you stay up to speed without having to research […]

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  • ShowMeTheMoney

    Podcast: Show me the money – best practices in getting paid

    Podcast: Show me the money!Best practices for getting paid Today’s discussion No doubt about it, translation and localization services are a labor of love. But let’s face it, we all need to get paid… and paid well. Learn how one translator has mastered the art of getting paid quickly—while avoiding wasteful transaction costs. Guest: Eve […]

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    AI Meets Localization

    AI Meets LocalizationWorking together to improve the human experience Robots. Humans have had an endless fascination with them throughout the centuries. As far back as Ancient China and Greece there have been myths and writings about robots. In fact, even Leonardo Da Vinci had a fascination leaning toward an obsession with primitive forms of artificial […]

  • Venue

    Conference report: MESA Europe Forum

    MESA Forum EuropePost conference report Chief Nimdzi Researcher attended the MESA Europe Forum in London. This is an exciting event that is unfortunately overlooked by many in the localization industry. If you did not attend, don’t worry. You can read NImdzi’s report and maybe we’ll see you there next year! Have you ever wanted to […]

  • board 730797_1920

    Podcast: Translation API Class and Cases Initiative

    Podcast: Translation API Class and Cases InitiativeWill TAPICC Become an Industry Standard for Translation APIs? Today’s discussion TAPICC is an acronym that stands for the Translation API Class and Cases Initiative. It’s an industry-wide program designed to create an open-source platform that makes it easier and less costly for everyone who needs to integrate content […]

  • avatar 2191931_1920

    The feminine genius

    The feminine geniusHappy International Women’s Day By Carreen Schroeder Carreen has worked in the language industry for over 20 years and has extensive experience as a translator, localization specialist, editor, copywriter, and educational researcher. Carreen goes above and beyond to research and deliver engaging, polished, and informative content often with a unique and entertaining twist. […]

  • woman-1733881_1920

    What about English website translations?

    What about English website translations?Poor website translations are a challenge for English-speaking consumers Poor website translations are a challenge for English-speaking consumers In the mid 1990s, approximately 80 percent of all online content was in English – but less than a decade later, this percentage has dropped by almost half. About 45 percent of current […]

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