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You can help Nimdzi raise awareness for gender and cultural issues specific the language services industry. Take the survey here and see the results: #gendergap #localization #translation
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The Nimdzi 100 The definitive market analysis for 2018

This report is Nimdzi’s inaugural ranking of the largest language service providers in the world. The report also includes an in-depth market analysis that conservatively estimates the LSP industry valued at USD 50 billion in 2018, a figure that is expected to grow to USD 66.5 billion by 2022. 
We are very proud to offer broad access to our data. This report is free to all who are interested, whether you’re a localization buyer, investor, job seeker or analyst. There’s no paywall. No strings attached. The information is available to any who are interested.

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Nimdzi means knowledge. Nimdzi means analysis. Nimdzi means insight. 


Nimdzi also means that you have a new best friend to help you navigate your way through the language services industry! We provide industry reporting, insights and consulting, drawing upon our decades of combined experience. Our passion is seeing companies succeed. Our privilege is being a part of that process. 


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The language services industry is growing and there is no end in sight. For your company to dominate the competition and be ahead of the game, you require insight – and that is exactly where we come in. We come from diverse backgrounds in the language industry. We are a market research and international consulting company made up of analysts, consultants, LSP experts, and researchers. But we are all connected with one united goal – Helping our clients succeed.

Everything Nimdzi does is backed up by a solid team of international researchers, writers, subject matter experts, and other contributors, more than can be listed here. We are growing our team weekly and are always looking for experienced and talented folks to come help us on our mission to provide equal access to high quality information to everybody in the industry.

Insight Reports Language Services Industry intelligence

  • woman-2937207_1920

    Global payment gateways series: Part 3 – Customer Expectations

    Global Payment Gateways SeriesPart 3 – Customer expectations Introduction –  In previous reports, we have shown just how important it is to choose the right payment gateway – or gateways – for your business. So, in this report, we go a little further. We examine the top 5 customer concerns that can often be the […]

  • Colorful-Featured

    The 2018 Nimdzi 100 – LSP Rankings

    The Nimdzi 100The 2018 ranking of the largest language services providers in the world The Nimdzi 100 Let’s get right to it, shall we? The information you came here for is either the Nimdzi 100 Ranking or the Language Services Market Sizing. The Nimdzi 100 is in the table below, where we rank the top LSPs […]

  • CC-Smaller

    Global payment gateways series: Part 2 – Types of payment gateways

    Global Payment Gateways SeriesPart 2 – Payment gateways and preferred payment methods Introduction –  In this report, we take a look at how your investment – or your lack of investment – in your ecommerce payment method infrastructure can have a significant impact on revenue. Choosing payment gateways that advertise the best protection and security […]

  • ecommerce 2301933_1920

    Global payment gateways series: Part 1 – Basics

    Global Payment Gateways SeriesPart 1 – Payment gateway basics; your connection to the global market Introduction –  For companies large, small, and in between, for businesses just starting off, and for those already on the global scene, the more knowledgeable you are about payment gateways, the more prepared you will be for the rapidly evolving […]

  • Terminator

    Rise of the machines – the state of machine translation

    Rise of the machines The state of MT – cost, quality, and coverage Introduction –  Machine translation is perhaps the most rapidly evolving space in the language services industry. It is easy to get lost with new innovations being announced each day. This report will help you stay up to speed without having to research […]

  • conference-room-857994_1920

    What language service buyers want

    What buyers want Buying behavior and motivators of top localization buyers Introduction –  How do the buyers with the biggest budgets decide which LSPs to work with? What criteria do they factor into this decision? You don’t have to wonder any longer because Nimdzi has asked over 100 language service buyers for you. If you […]

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  • Scratch

    Cannabis goes international

    Cannabis goes internationalTop 3 trends the localization industry should follow Cannabis trials and tribulations Cannabis has been growing on Canadian soil as early as the 1600s. It was prescribed, regularly used, and even promoted by the medical profession up until the 1920s as treatment for any number of ailments and diseases. Even Queen Elizabeth herself […]

  • handshake 3205492_1920

    Cross-cultural communication

    Cross cultural communicationBusiness communication and cultural diversity Cultural awareness in the workplace Canadian teacher, Lynn Rousseau, couldn’t quite understand why her American students were looking at her with a strange look on their faces after she corrected their use of the word, “what.” Whenever she’d hear her students say “what” at the end of an […]

  • chess 691437_1920

    Podcast: Localization tactics to strategy

    Podcast: Localization tactics to strategyInsight from the pros at Box Today’s discussion Box, an enterprise content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges, including sharing and accessing files—with advanced security far beyond traditional methods—has a lot of benefits to offer localization professionals. Find out why. Guest: Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja Hanna provides very interesting insights into […]

  • BillyJoel

    Get localization right the first time

    Get [localization] right the first timeHow important is it? “Get it right the first time, that’s the main thing. Can’t afford to let it pass.” – Billy Joel   Of course, Billy Joel wasn’t talking about localization when he said, “get it right the first time, that’s the main thing.” No, he was likely talking […]

  • paper 3224638

    SDL Annual report analysis

    The language services market Analyzing the SDL 2017 annual report SDL, a top-10 global language services provider, offered a series of very interesting market sizings in their 2017 annual report: Language services at £16.5 billion (USD 23.22 billion) Technology under £0.5 billion (USD 0.65 billion) This is quite low in comparison to what we have […]

  • Localization in Japan

    Podcast: Localization in Japan

    Podcast: Localization in JapanA guided tour of the Japanese localization market Today’s discussion Japan is often considered to be the toughest localization market in the world — and in many respects, it is. But as the world’s third-largest economy, Japan offers countless opportunities for companies and LSPs that take the time to understand how Japanese […]

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