Referral Selling: Ask and You Shall Receive

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Referral Selling: Ask and You Shall Receive


Class overview

If you're looking to shorten your sales cycle, ensure you have only qualified leads in your sales pipeline and, most importantly, work with your dream clients, then referral selling should be at the core of your sales strategy. In this course, you'll learn about all the ingredients needed for developing a successful referral selling strategy, the process to follow as well as the do's and don'ts of asking for referrals. Your value proposition is certainly differentiated and unique, so why not make the way you sell unique, too?


  • Part 1 (Trial)
    • Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Why referrals work
    • Lesson 2: What's holding us back
  • Part 2 (Certificate) - For Nimdzi Partners only!
    • Lesson 3: Ingredients for a referral selling program 
    • Lesson 4: Ideal client profile
    • Lesson 5: Referral Sources
    • Lesson 6: Business impact story
    • Lesson 7: Goals and metrics
    • Lesson 8: Asking for a referral
    • Lesson 9: How not to ask for a referral
    • Lesson 10: Best Practices
    • Conclusions

By taking this class, you will have an opportunity to

  • Understand how to get referrals in sales as well as why referrals work and what might be holding us back from asking for them. 
  • Develop the ingredients for a successful referral selling strategy such as referral sources, business impact stories, ideal client profile and metrics. 
  • Learn about the process of asking for referrals including do's and don'ts.

Who this class is for

Knowing how to ask for a referral is a valuable skill for every sales professional but it shouldn’t be limited to just sales! Really everyone from an organization —  especially those in client-facing roles (project managers, solution architects, customer success managers, etc.) — can and should learn how to leverage relationships and be a great source of introductions to potential clients.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete all the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion! In order to do so, you will need to get at least 80% of your quiz replies right. Best of luck!

Marek Jakúbek

Marek Jakúbek linkedin

Fields of expertise: Sales Strategy, Customer Success Management, Client RFPs, Account Management, Quotes and Proposals

An entrepreneurial spirit, an enthusiastic mindset, a natural talent for bringing people together, and a passion for the localization industry drive Marek to uncover opportunities for creating value for others. The door to the localization world was opened for Marek upon finishing his business administration studies degree at the University of Economics in Prague when, by sheer happenstance, he joined a leading translation technology company. While serving global enterprises in their quest to achieve efficiency in their translation processes, he honed not only his salesmanship skills but also his problem-solving approach. Being exposed to the environment of language services buyers, Marek began developing a deep understanding of both common and unique localization challenges faced by global organizations. By no means a know-it-all but by all means dedicated “solve-it-all,” Marek believes that asking the right questions and having the right people around you can make our increasingly global world a better one for us all.