Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investment

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investment

International Mergers & Acquisition Consulting

The language services industry is not just fragmented – it is pulverized! There is no one player or group of players in the market that holds anything close to a majority of the available business in language services. Competition is fierce between LSPs, and mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships are more and more common. Working in language services consulting and advising the growth and development of language service providers themselves, Nimdzi is optimally positioned to provide you and your partners the consulting services you need. 

At Nimdzi, we publish an annual report on the state of the industry and research the top revenue-generating language service providers (LSPs). Our research incudes a market analysis on the translation, localization and language technology space, and looks into developing trends in segments and sectors like AI, multimedia, mergers and acquisitions.

The acquisition consultants at Nimdzi have successfully guided companies through the mergers and acquisitions process, helping owners and investors who are looking to sell their companies, acquire a competitor or secure outside funding and investment.

Don’t let the international mergers and acquisitions process intimidate you. Instead, connect with to help our language services advisors to trust in your company’s future. Partner with the experts at Nimdzi, and we will guide you at each step of the way.

Selling, Merging & Acquiring International Businesses

The market landscape for international mergers and acquisitions has been strong for many years. Companies buy for technology, customers, revenue, for vertical specialty, and for the people. It is important to have a professional who knows each aspect of the industry working with you as you take the next step so that you don’t waste resources on costly missteps.

Nimdzi’s Expertise in the International M&A Industry

You have several options when deciding to sell your company, or to grow through acquiring another company. Nimdzi sets itself apart because of our experience in the language services industry, an industry not well understood by many consultants. Our consultants have founded, grown, and sold language services companies themselves for years. Now we put that experience to work for our clients as we guide them through the exciting but complicated M&A process.

Knowledge Is Power with Mergers & Acquisitions

The M&A process is nothing more than companies buying and selling one another. Sounds simple enough, right? But the process itself is complex, and this is where the Nimdzi difference shines. Our team has decades of experience and is here to guide you through your international merger or acquisition. It all starts with a conversation; we will sit down and explain in simple terms what to expect as you begin this journey. Even if you decide that it is not the right time to move forward, you will walk away knowing what steps you should take today to make sure that you are prepared when the time comes.

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