Upswing Program

Why Translation Companies Sign Up for the Upswing Program.

The Upswing Program is a series of custom workshops for leadership teams of growth-minded translation companies. Held either remotely or on-site at the company’s location, the Upswing Program is one of Nimdzi’s most requested consulting engagements because it empowers growth-minded language service providers to invest in their own success. Nimdzi’s diverse team of international business experts is made up of consultants who have a deep understanding of language services and the language services industry. During the workshops, Nimdzi’s think tank meets the think tank of your translation company to look at operations and to draft the milestones to your unique roadmap.

Upswing Program

 The customized set of workshops look at:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology
  • Processes and Workflows

Growth and Accountability

Organized over months and through a series of customized workshops, the Upswing Program equips translation companies with a playbook and holds you and your team accountable for the keen action items outlined with experts during workshops. Companies that have finished the Upswing Program have solidified goals and have taken concrete steps to successfully achieve their milestones.

Past participants have: doubled revenue in a year (see case studies), navigated times of change, redefined sales and marketing strategies, built out agile vendor onboarding processes, and refocused attention to the needs of language services buyers.

Case Study

Investing in Our Own Growth: Keylingo’s decision to consult through the Upswing Program leaves notebooks and minds with ideas for growth

Case Study

Nimdzi Upswing Program Helps Company Double its Revenue

Case Study

Nimdzi’s Upswing Program Propels European Language Service Provider to Reinvent Sale Strategy

Who is the Upswing Program for?

The Upswing Program is for language service providers (translation companies) who are ready to take the next step in the maturity of their business and invest in growth. If you’re in a leadership role at a translation company and asking yourself the following question, the program is for you:

  • I need to rethink my growth strategy but am busy, where do I start?
  • How do I expand my business?
  • What are my competitors doing?

What is included in the Upswing Program?

The Upswing Program is typically a three-month exercise which consists of workshops (onsite or remote) held by Nimdzi experts. The number of days and the length of the workshops may vary. The workshops are customized for leadership teams of translation companies.  The agenda of each engagement is customized specifically for the participating company to address their unique challenges. Upswing Program participants benefit from the custom approach. Below is an account from a recent participant.

Frederick Marx, Founder and CEO of Keylingo

Frederick Marx, Founder and CEO of Keylingo

“There’s no specific agenda for the Upswing Program – that made me a little nervous at the beginning. But I’ve given up on my expectations and decided to let Renato be Renato. Afterall, I didn’t pay a consultant to tell them what to do, but rather for them to tell me what to do. In the end, it was like “therapy” where the client is being led by the therapist and the magic happens when there’s a spontaneous flow.”

Participants of the Upswing Program walk away with a playbook with action items to achieve their objectives.

Is the Upswing Program remote?

The original Upswing Program is an in-person set of workshops, but these days, remote options are also available.

Why Nimdzi Insights?

Few companies hold the kind of expertise that fuels the think tank at Nimdzi. In fact, the Upswing Program predates Nimdzi itself. Years before the birth of Nimdzi, co-founder Renato Beninatto was leading a version of the Upswing Program, also known as the 3x3x3: three sessions for three days over three months. Over the years, we’ve watched our clients re-think their business and reap the benefits of their investment.


  • Having an expert in our back pocket has been so comforting as well as critical. Working with Nimdzi has been incredibly impactful. 

    Jordan Evans
    Language Network
  • I would advise working with Nimdzi to everybody who wants to grow because growth is what we have achieved thanks to the Nimdzi Team.

    Diego Cresceri
    Creative Words
  • Nimdzi is a good consultancy company which we can recommend full heartedly, which would help any small and mid size LSP change the mindset and strengthen the focus in the business.

    Elena Grigoras