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Who we are

The Nimdzi Team includes individuals with diverse backgrounds in the language and localization industry, as well as in international business, public policy, marketing, finance, and more.

And yes. We know the industry.

We are a market research and international consulting company working towards one main goal: to provide our clients with the insights they need to succeed on a global scale.

Who we help

With a global team management approach, we work directly with you to learn the ins and outs of your business so that we can help you expand into new markets, verticals, and audiences, and optimize your global operations. We work with language service providers, enterprises, and government agencies alike.

Looking to grow your business? Audit your processes? Update your tech stack? Manage your RFI/RFP process? Analyze consumer buyer behavior in targeted countries? Deploy a localization program? Go global? We’re here to help.

We build actionable insights and reports that cater specifically to your products and services. We provide a window into the ever-changing language and localization industry because we know that the future lies directly in the global market.

Nimdzi means "knowledge" in the Fante dialect of Ghana, and we are committed to spreading knowledge about business development and the important and holistic role that language plays in organizations across the world.

Why Top Companies Use Nimdzi

1 in 85

There are at least 140,200 legal entities registered globally with “translation and interpreting” as their main activity. But only about 1 in 85 makes it past USD 1 million mark. 1,073 of them are based in Europe, the US, and Canada. Becoming one of them takes some serious strategizing.

USD 53.5

The industry is growing rapidly, with the estimated market size for language services (including translation, interpreting, media localization, and respective technology) now surpassing USD 50 billion. Not all of the volume is outsourced to commercial providers, landing the addressable market size at 60 percent of the total. Let us help you find your areas of highest potential.


This figure includes 78,000 language service provider employees across the US, Europe, and Canada alone and an estimated 250,000 full-time professional translators, interpreters, and subtitlers.


When you include core professionals, personnel on the buyer side, and the casual and part-time translators, the language industry includes more than a million people in its gravitational pull.


We have identified 531 distinct language services technology brands available commercially so far, and this number keeps growing every year. Together, their sales reach about USD 780 million a year, about 1.5 percent of the industry’s total revenue.

Our values

Nimdzi’s spirit animal is the honey badger — a fearless, passionate little beast who will spar with mammals three times its size and think nothing of it. Once these little guys know what they want, they will jerry rig up a solution to achieve it. They are the design thinkers of the animal kingdom. Put them in an enclosure and they will mount an errant rake against the wall and shimmy up out of there. Nobody puts honey badger in a corner.

At Nimdzi, we instill everything we do with the spirit of these ferocious mammalian problem solvers. We ask as many whys as necessary to get to the root of a challenge. We question if things really should be done the way they’ve always been done. We measure the distance between substance and hype.

We built a phenomenal team of complementary contradictarians and fearless creatives . Our clients depend on us to create a roadmap to the insights they need. Often, creating that map requires roping in new data, discovering correlations that had gone unnoticed, or analyzing existing data from a different perspective. It takes a lot of sheer determination, team spirit, and borderline reckless optimism to pull it off. But like our fearless spirit animal, we know how sweet the taste of success is and will honeybadger on until we get there.

Our mission

At Nimdzi, we understand that a lot of challenges in our industry are a consequence of unequal access to the high-quality information stakeholders need to make informed business decisions.Language service providers, translators, enterprise buyers, and investors often don’t see eye to eye. And why would they? They are each operating with different levels of information.

We’re here to help

Looking to conquer international markets? Want to create customer experiences that attract and convert new audiences? Need to adapt your products and services so they really resonate in your target markets? Partner with Nimdzi to advance your marketing strategy and drive your business goals.

We’re here to help.


Our team

Renato Beninatto

Co-Founder, Advisor

CEO and Co-Founder, Renato brings decades of experience everywhere he goes. With extensive experience in international consulting, market research, …

Tucker Johnson

Co-Founder, Advisor

As managing director and co-founder, Tucker takes Renato’s crazy ideas and puts them into action. Specialized in vendor side operations, global team …

Bobb Drake

Director of Geocultural Research

A life-long aficionado of language, culture and writing systems, Bobb made a deliberate choice to enter the language industry before entering the …

Kristen Glant

Chief Financial Officer

Kristen comes to us with a background in finance and accounting. She began her career in public accounting, logging many hours performing audits and …

Jonathan Otis

Director of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Growth Strategy

Jonathan has spent the last 25 years as a development executive in the enterprise IT space. Coming to Seattle 20 years ago, Jonathan ran product …

Josef Kubovsky


In his 17 years in the language industry, Josef has developed outstanding business acumen. After receiving a degree in International Relations, Josef …

Inge Boonen

VP of Sales & Consulting

Inge has been in the localization industry for up to 20 years. With an academic background in languages and translation and practical experience as a …

Nika Allahverdi

Chief Marketing Officer

A lifelong language enthusiast, Nika is passionate about marketing, research, and the language services industry. She holds a master’s degree in …

Marek Jakúbek

Localization Adviser

Entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, natural talent for bringing people together, and passion for the localization industry push Marek to strive to uncover …

Sarah Hickey

VP of Research

As Chief Researcher, Sarah analyzes the language services market from all angles. Her experience as a translator and conference interpreter allows her …

Gabriel Karandysovsky

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel has been gobbling up new languages since he was a little kid. That’s what happens when you’re born to bilingual parents, like Gabriel. He …

Aleksey Schipack

VP of Information Technology

With over eight years of web development experience, Aleksey is Nimdzi's resident technical whiz. He's there to support our team with every …

Belén Agulló García

VP of Learning and Lead Media Researcher

Belén is a compulsive lifelong learner. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies, an MA in Audiovisual Translation, and a PhD in …

Yulia Akhulkova

Tech Researcher

Yulia Akhulkova graduated from Moscow University of Electronic Engineering as a software engineer. Since 2010 she has worked in localization combining …

Miguel Sepulveda

Globalization Specialist

After finishing his studies in Computer Engineering, Miguel started his career in 1995 working for Microsoft in Dublin, providing Linguistic QA. Later …

Marina Ghazaryan

Localization Researcher

Marina is a professional in the marketing and communications sphere with over seven years of experience. She graduated from Armenian State University …

Rucha L. Sheth

Customer Success Manager

Over the past 13 years, Rucha has worked with various LSPs starting as Language Team Lead, moving on to Project and Business Implementation Management …

Morgan Gallup Zhu


Morgan has spent 14 years in China, speaks Mandarin and helped companies go global with RWS Moravia for 7 years. She is passionate about bridging Asia …

Hannah Leske

Localization Consultant

A lover of languages with a desire to understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’, Hannah has studied German, Spanish and Economics at the University …

Oscar Betancourt

Video Producer

Oscar is a content creator and video editor with seven years experience. He started his career as a live audio technician at an early age and pursued …

Melissa Suarez Sanjuan

Marketing Assistant

Melissa is a business administrator, with experience in the area of ​​digital marketing and social media management, studied at Universidad del …

Isabel Romero Ruiz

Marketing Coordinator

Isabel is a business administrator with a specialization in marketing, studied at Universidad Privada Boliviana. She has a passion for digital …

Christopher Maitland-Walker

Sales Development Representative

Performing the Role as Business Development Executive, Christopher is passionate in enabling the Business and Growth development of the Clients he …

Nicoli Potgieter

Sales Development Representatives

Nicoli comes to us with a background in the hospitality and leisure industry. With over 12 years of experience, she began her career as a General …

Melissa Torres

Customer Success Manager

Is a Customer Success Manager at Nimdzi. She has developed her sales and customer service career, focusing on B2B sales in the localization industry. …

Davide Mighali

Sales Development Representative

Davide holds a BA in European Languages and Cultures, and a MA in Language and Mind: Linguistics & Cognitive Studies, with a specialization in …

Laura Arias

Sales Development Representative

Holds a BA in Business Management from Los Andes University, she was also a 2019 China Arts Fellow sponsored by UCLA and SJTU. She has developed a …

Valeria Nanni

Localization Specialist

After completing a BA in translation and interpreting, and an MA in cultural mediation, Valeria started her career over ten years ago as a technical …

Nadezda Jakubkova

Localization Researcher

Nadezda began her BA studies in Applied Informatics while working for (at that time) a technology startup in the language industry. Later she joined …

Adriana Grande

International UX Director


Petra Karandysovsky Seidl

Sales & Learning Analyst

Petra received her master’s degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. A passion for travel and exploring new languages and …

Alice Cain

Sales Development Representative

Since graduating with an MA in Acting from Arts Ed. Schools London, in 2012, my work as an actor is very extensive. Many of my acting credentials can …

Roman Civin

Localization Design Specialist

Roman has over 20 years of experience in localization, ranging from service management, solution development, process and data design to strategic …

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