Localization Intelligence Quotient Benchmarking international operations

We still work in a relatively obscure industry. It is hard to find generally accepted methods with which to measure ourselves. We talk to people every day in this industry who just want to know if they are on the right path. How are they doing compared to others in the industry? Where should they focus their attention? And this is true for both language service buyers (LSBs) as well as language service providers (LSPs). 

The language services industry is unique. It doesn’t fit into the mold of frameworks and models that were designed primarily for other industries. We need a way to measure our success that was customized for the specific needs of our industry. We also need a model that works for everybody, including LSBs as well as LSPs. This is where LocIQ comes in. 

LocIQ (short for Localization Intelligence Quotient), is a way to get a snapshot of the health of international programs. Start by responding to a series of questions in the LocIQ Survey. The responses provided to this 15 minute survey will be analyzed by our expert-trained AI-driven analysis tool and formatted into a custom LocIQ report, delivered straight to your email.


For everyone Useful for localization clients and vendors

Anybody is eligible to take the LocIQ Survey and receive a detailed LocIQ Report. This is not limited to existing Nimdzi partners! Curiosity is welcome from everybody. For example, you may be interested in this if..

  • You are a new localization manager who needs guidance setting up an international program
  • You are a manager at an LSP who needs to build a case internally for additional investment in a certain area
  • You are a project manager looking for a fuller understanding of other aspects of a mature localization program
  • You need data to present to your senior management
  • You are just curious to learn more

Depending on whether you work for an LSB or an LSP, you will receive slightly different reporting. 


LSB (language services buyer) LocIQ

Project Management
Vendor Management

LSP (language services provider) LocIQ

Project Management
Vendor Management

Customized Actionable feedback and recommended next steps

You will not be handed a document and left to figure it out for yourself. You will be provided a comprehensive report on the status of your current operations and customized feedback and suggested action items for your consideration. Perhaps you already feel you have a pretty good grasp on where you are at, but there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. Take the time to see what feedback the report provides. The results may surprise you!

Each LocIQ report is customized – for YOU and YOUR company! Analysis is performed by Nimdzi’s proprietary artificial intelligence and reviewed by experts. No two reports are the same. Below are just a few examples of what is included.


All set? Ready to get started?

Ready to get started on your personalized LocIQ Report? You’ll need about 15 minutes to complete this survey, which can be done any where. Do it at your desk on your desktop computer, do it on your phone while waiting for your Uber, or do it during a particularly boring business meeting.  It’s up to you.