Global Content and Multimedia Case Studies

Video Game Localization and Global User Experience

A successful video game developer was looking to understand what is and is not acceptable across cultures and countries in terms of how characters of diverse backgrounds are designed and represented.

Global-First Approach to International Customers

A leader in the athletic apparel space needed help gathering market-specific insights and creating criteria to define growth and engagement in target regions.

Localizing Experience for Digital Products Japan

Simple App is a company that was looking to launch its app in Asian markets, starting with Japan. They wanted to understand users’ behavior, experience, and expectations.

Language Technology Consulting and Audits for Global Companies

Translation Management System Assessment

After a decade with the same TMS, Schneider Electric was told the language technology solution was to undergo extensive change. But their knowledge of the latest state-of-the art technology was limited.

The Journey to Choosing a Translation Management System

The World Trade Organization has been looking to implement a new translation management system (TMS) since 2012. With Nimdzi’s help, WTO would be guided through a series of preparatory steps before beginning to evaluate TMS candidates.

Translation Process and Localization Program Consulting

Expert Consulting for Localization Departments

A US-based mobile application provider sought expert localization consulting and benefited from Nimdzi’s vast network and access to peer localization managers.

In-depth Primary Research on Medical Interpreting

Working with the Government of California’s Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS), Nimdzi conducted in-depth primary research on medical interpreting.

Localization Program Audit and Supply Chain Governance Deployment

A US-based provider of health benefits lacked the institutional and industry knowledge to update localization processes and technologies.

Onsite PM Training Focused on Soft Skills and Supply Chain Management

Nimdzi consultants delivered onsite training for an internal localization team. The company was looking to improve the project management team’s communication skills and update the supply chain model from freelancers to LSPs.

Nimdzi Helped me Shape and Validate a Localization Program Roadmap

Giulia Tarditi, Global Experience Champion, was hired by Qualtrics, a company serving clients in up to 94 languages, to develop a “Localization Centre of Excellence” to continue enhancing user experience and drive global revenue.

Establishing Localization KPIs to Explain Business Impact

The head of Bitso’s localization department, Emilia Porfiri, was looking to create KPI (key performance indicator) metrics. In Emilia’s search, she noticed a course by Miguel Sepúlveda on “How to set up Localization Metrics and KPIs ” and began communications with experts at Nimdzi Insights.

Establishing a New Strategy in the Face of Accelerated Business Growth

Latamways needed to find a way to transform their improvement ideas into actionable items. Nimdzi Insights assessed the current situation and developed the solutions in three phases.

Nimdzi Helped me to Understand How Writing Can Impact Localization Quality.

The Director of Localization at Smartsheet knew he wanted to help the writing teams at Smartsheet to understand how writing can impact localization quality.

International Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Public Buying Organisations and Industry Standard Pricing

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) was looking to benchmark the pricing for translation, transcription, and other services in the UK market while redesigning the overarching governance framework for procuring language-related services.

Measuring Brand Perception of a Global Media Company

Nimdzi Insights conducted a benchmark analysis of how our client’s company stands in the market compared to competitors. The results showed that while they are performing well on many fronts, they also have some areas of improvement.

Business Growth and Expansion

Increasing LSP Revenue by €2 Million

An LSP looking to increase team productivity and seeking a business strategy approached Nimdzi about the Upswing Program. Nimdzi provided insight on hiring, training, buyers’ needs, and more during this customized Upswing workshop.

Nimdzi Upswing Program Helps Company Double its Revenue

A Latin American LSP based in Argentina was looking for a way it could grow. Nimdzi identified that the company could grow by 100% percent and that they had the potential to double their revenue without doubling headcount.

Navigating Change During COVID-19

The Language Translation Professionals have been scheduling consultation hours with the Nimdzi experts to ensure they can capitalize on their strengths and seek out opportunities where they have not looked before.

Nimdzi’s Upswing Program Propels European Language Service Provider to Reinvent Sale Strategy

The Company’s main objective was to achieve sustainable growth. During the Upswing Program, the Company was able to reconsider its overall processes and analyze that which was lacking.

The Language Group Wins Big Account by Including Custom Research in Proposal

The client was under a lot of pressure from senior management to reduce costs. Nimdzi delivered a series of cost reports that would speak to the client’s senior management.

Developing a Customized Program for Salespeople to Accelerate Business Growth

The main goal for this company was to onboard a new team and deliver industry-specific tools for salespeople, allowing them to upskill and fill in knowledge gaps.

How to Build Ideal Client Profiles with the Guidance of Nimdzi Consultants

Cesco Linguistics wanted to improve internal skills to build ICPs (ideal client profiles) and deeply understand buyer persona (BP) concepts.

Nimdzi helps Lingoport Build Their New Outbound Team

Lingoport implemented multiple changes, including a new BDR team in the Sales team. They looked for Nimdzi’s help with hiring, training, and coaching through the latest solution: Inside Sales Academy.

Expert Due-Diligence for Private Equity Investment

Mobeus needed to gain experience in the language services industry. They sought an experienced partner to make a well-informed decision about a potential investment.

Nimdzi Membership to the Rescue University edition | University of Texas at Arlington

Nimdzi supported UTA with our Membership Program, offering students diverse perspectives on the professional world through access to research, articles, and papers from language and localization experts with 20+ years of experience.

Language Technology Consulting and Audits for LSPs

Nimdzi's Research Helps LSP Choose the Right Machine Translation Provider

24translate sought insight on implementing changes in their overall MT program but needed specific key insights, including detailed comparisons of systems and engines.

Nimdzi Helped us Implement a New TMS and Switch From Focusing on LSPs to Direct Client Business

Comunica was looking to update the company’s translation management system (TMS) and to switch focus from business coming from LSPs (language service providers) to more direct client work.

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