Global Content: Buyer Behavior and International Products

Global Content: Buyer Behavior and International Products

Thinking about localization strategy? Your brand is established, and your web presence has made an impact at home. Now it’s time for the next step: making sure customers in your newest market can 

  • access your content in their language and,
  • experience a product as fully as if it were created for their market specifically. 

After all, the best content in the world is useless if your customers can’t read it or relate to it. This is where consumer behavior and market research come into play.

Localization facilitates experiences with your product worldwide.

Having an idea of what consumers in new markets may expect from your product is important for success:

  • how users may interact with a website?
  • how will character voices and adaptations be received?
  • How will design elements, color schemes, and references affect the experience consumer will have with a product?

Whether your product is a physical object, a game, an application, a website, or any other multimedia product, is crucial for the success of a business to consider localization seriously and upstream. You may not know the nuances of how users in a new markets may react or expect. This is where Nimdzi comes in.

Global content strategy and audit services

Localization of content can be a confusing and costly process. It is unwise to think about your strategy early on because it may close off opportunities and cost a company serious losses. A proper localization strategy is an investment in your organization’s reputation and success. You may have questions such as:

  • Where do I begin with a localization strategy?
  • How can I get more insight into how international users interact with our product descriptions?
  • What can I improve to ensure international users are engaged and converting?
  • We get feedback from power users, but we don’t have a comprehensive picture of the challenges users in a certain country face. How do we fill in the gaps?

If this sounds like you, you already know that better localized content means more engagement, more conversion, and a better understanding of the user experience in the target market. But with so many solutions out there it can be hard to know which one will be the right fit for your organization and brand.

Free machine translation solutions are tempting but, at best, can’t offer your customers the kind of organic experience they’re looking for and, at worst, can produce results that are laughable or even offensive.

And while high quality translation is vital, language is just one part of the localization equation. You also need to make sure that factors such as imagery and terminology match the local users’ expectations. 

Whether you’re new to localization, are already working with a localization service provider and want to maximize your results, or have an in-house localization program that just isn’t delivering the results you need, Nimdzi can help you maximize your return on the investment you’ve made.

Nimdzi’s researchers and experienced localization professionals leverage deep industry knowledge to create a custom roadmap that will help you confidently choose the right solution so you can invest your money comfortably, knowing you’ve made the right choice. We take a deep dive into your unique projects and work with you to help you understand what kind of localization services will help you take your brand to the next level.

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