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We provide industry research, education, and consulting services to companies that want to accelerate the growth of their global business and compete on the world stage.

The Nimdzi approach


Nimdzi is a hands-on company that connects on a personal level with its partners. Each one of us at Nimdzi is available and more than pleased to assist you with any question or concern. As a modern, 21st century company, our team is located globally which means we can meet you in your own time zone. At any given time, we are just a click – or even a phone call – away.


It doesn’t matter how great research is if the content is boring, dry, or academic. What matters is that the content is both of the highest, most meaningful quality and is enjoyable to read.

We strive to add a touch of entertainment in all that we do. Whether speaking at a live engagement or writing articles and insight reports, Nimdzi’s light-hearted personality shines through.


“Nimdzi”, which comes from Fante, (a formal literary dialect of the Akan language in Ghana) translates to “knowledge.” We are personable. We are entertaining. But above all, we are knowledgeable and experienced. We offer you decades of combined experience in the language services industry, and we are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

What we do for free

Our vision is to be of service to the whole industry by providing high-quality data and insights to as many companies as possible. While our in-depth research is available exclusively to our Nimdzi Partners, we publish a ton of great stuff that is available to everybody.

All of our publicly available content is clearly marked as “Public” in our research library. This is open to anybody who is passionate about learning more about the language services industry. We hope you find it useful and share it with your colleagues. If you are interested in getting full access to all the research, please reach out to us about becoming a full Nimdzi Partner. 

Nimdzi Partner benefits

The vast majority of our clients engage with us by becoming a Nimdzi Partner. Whether large, small, or in-between, Nimdzi Partners get access to all of our published research. Other partnership perks include unlimited 30-minute calls to speak directly with us, no matter who you are in the company chain of command. Nimdzi partners also enjoy significantly reduced rates on other Nimdzi services, such as:

  • On-demand and customized research
  • Managed RFI/RFP process
  • Proposal writing
  • Merger & acquisition guidance and support
  • TMS and technology consultation
  • Language quality program deployment
  • Webinars on training and development programs
  • Competitive landscape studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Customer sentiment studies
  • Global marketing strategies
  • Buyer behavior analysis

Research Services

Syndicated research

Nimdzi regularly publishes research that is useful for any company operating in the language services industry. This greatly benefits our clients, as it allows the effort of producing these reports across multiple clients. This means our Nimdzi Partners get access to a lot of research for a fraction of the cost. 

Commissioned regional market research

For companies wishing to know more about their competitive landscape, Nimdzi helps by performing specific market research. Commonly this refers to analyzing a specific country or geographic market, but it can also be useful for regional industry associations wanting to learn more about their market.

Sales and marketing research

Looking to optimize your marketing and sales strategy and drive growth? We are here to help. We will draw on our combined knowledge and understanding of the industry, taking into account your clients, your internal organization, market analysis, as well as key business environments to offer you the insights you need to succeed.

Nimdzi consultants are frequent speakers on globalization and localization at industry events and universities around the world. Our founders are the authors of The General Theory of the Translation Company, which is now being used by universities as a teaching curriculum worldwide.


Technology consulting

“Technology is the driving force behind the evolution of the language services industry. LSPs are being asked to do more with less, and until we perfect our translator cloning process, the only way to do this is through technology and automation.” – The General Theory of the Translation Company

Here are just some of the areas in which Nimdzi Insights can assist you with your technology needs:

RFP outsourcing for TMS

RFPs run for months and cost enterprises and TMS employees enough time to push the cost of the procedure into $50,000. We can easily cut the time in half by having up-to-date comparisons. Furthermore, the cost of TMS ownership can range from $5,000 to $150,000 a year. More expensive solutions are not necessarily future-proof. By choosing a less expensive solution that is feature-rich, your company can save in the range of half a million dollars over 5-7 years.

Tech stack strategy

Nimdzi can run an audit and propose a localization tech stack taking into consideration the roadmaps of tech developers and technology trends.

  • How to future-proof your solution
  • Which elements of the tech stack your company might be missing

Tech specifications review for custom TMS

Launching a new solution with a grant from the European Union? Save yourself a few months of work development by reviewing specifications early with Nimdzi’s technology specialist.

Benchmarking & SWOT analysis for LSP TMS

So, you have developed a custom solution. How good is it, and how unique? Will it add to your company’s valuation? What is it missing? On which areas should you focus your development? Could you make money selling it?

Short-term consulting packages

Market research analysts and consultants like us act as accelerators for your plans. They should show you what you would otherwise have missed, they should challenge your enthusiasm with a reality check, and they should present you with areas of opportunity that you may not have considered.

A good consultant will quickly work themselves out of a job. We have learned from our partners that within three to six months, they have acquired most of the knowledge that you need to be successful towards their goals.

Longer-term consulting packages

There is certainly a time and place for short term consulting engagements, but often more is needed. That is why we offer a standard three-month package that lets us work with or clients over time to intimately understand their challenges. Over the longer time period, we can set goals, monitor progress, and adjust course as needed.

The formula we have found to work best is what we call the Upswing Consulting Program: Three visits, each lasting three days, over the course of three months. Having a month between visits means that each session ends with practical action items and measurable goal-setting to be followed up on during the next visit. Though each consulting project is customized to meet the unique needs of each client, an example agenda for such an engagement is below. 


  • Remote kick-off calls to define goals and set expectations. Preparation is key, and we will do the footwork before meeting in person to make sure we get the most out of our onsite meetings.

1st Month: Client review (3 days):

  • Evaluation of resources and competencies
  • Discussions on short and medium-term goals
  • Presentation on market outlook and possible growth models
  • Selection of priority projects in sales and production
  • Focus on sales and marketing

2nd Month (3 days):

  • Evaluation of people, processes, and technology
  • Interviews with key staff about customer service and expectations
  • Identification of project and training opportunities
  • Identification of opportunities for expansion
  • Focus on project management

3rd Month (3 days):

  • Follow-up on opportunities identified in the previous sessions
  • Specific training in sales, project management, and customer service
  • Other projects identified in the previous sections

Education and training

Program management workshops

Often regarded as the most critical component within a company, project management has a direct impact on sales, account management, finance, and virtually every aspect of business. In our project management workshops, Nimdzi Insights will partner directly with you to assist in how to:

  • Manage global teams in multiple locations
  • Effectively manage remote workers
  • Strengthen and maintain a high level of interdepartmental communications and cooperation
  • Improve workflow strategy, project technology implementation, and rollout
  • Develop project management technology integration with other systems
  • Effectively manage staff, motivate teams, and strengthen leadership skills
  • Measure and report on data-driven project management, key performance indicators (KPIs), and service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Enable project management to grow accounts, and;
  • Empower project managers to improve their margins

Sales and marketing workshops

Nimdzi consultants are experts in many different sales methodologies available that have proven to be effective in the language services industry. More importantly, though, we have hands-on experience managing large-scale global sales and marketing operations. We have condensed this knowledge and experience into an effective training curriculum

  • Lead generation
  • Inbound marketing
  • Sales funnel and pipeline management
  • Solutions selling
  • Consultative selling
  • Growth through account management process
  • New market entry
  • Brand awareness and brand reputation management

Investment and M&A

The language services industry is not fragmented… it is pulverized! There is no one player or group of players in the addressable market for services that holds anything close to a majority of the available business. Competition is fierce between LSPs, and mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships are more and more common. 

Nobody knows this better than Nimdzi, as we publish an annual report on the state of the industry and a ranking of top companies, The Nimdzi 100. Nimdzi provides assistance navigating the M&A process to owners and investors who are looking to sell their company, acquire a competitor, or secure outside funding and investment.

Don’t let the M&A process intimidate you, and don’t trust your company’s future to somebody who is not an expert in language services industry. Partner with Nimdzi’s experts, who will guide you at each step of the way. Contact Nimdzi today to find out more.

Government Consulting

Government agencies are facing complex challenges both domestically and abroad as technology and the movement of people across borders becomes increasingly fast paced. Adding to this complexity, government agencies must operate within a shifting, tightly regulated environment. Responding to these challenges requires know-how in highly specialized and interrelated fields. Our government clients benefit from Nimdzi’s expertise in language and culture, proven technology and research-driven solutions, and ability to manage programs with shifting requirements in a tightly regulated environment. Partner with Nimdzi’s experts, who will guide you at each step of the way. Contact Nimdzi today to find out more.

Other services

Speaking engagements

Perhaps you already know that the Nimdzi team actively participates in the language services industry speakers’ circuit. What you may not know is that we also speak at private events, hosted marketing events, and organization leadership forums.

When planning your next internal offsite meeting, consider kicking off the event with a keynote opening speech by an industry expert. Having an outsider from your organization to kick things off or wrap things up can really bring an element of variety and motivation to your next offsite leadership meeting.

When you invite Nimdzi to talk directly to your team, we will work with you to deliver a custom-tailored speech, presentation, or moderated discussion that will set the tone for the rest of your event.

Advisory roles

Looking for members to serve on your advisory board? The senior members of the Nimdzi Team would be delighted to serve in an advisory role. As pioneers in the language services industry, Nimdzi can help to lead your company in a new direction. Our experience and insight makes us the best candidates to advise you on whether or not it is time to break new ground or remain in your valued traditional territory.

We offer management advice, helping companies develop a niche market strategy. Reach out to us to discuss.


Solutions for start-ups and universities

“Startups…drive innovation because they have to. By their very nature, startup companies do not have the millions of dollars in R&D budget that customers do, but they have something that most customers don’t: flexibility and fresh ideas. Those massive customers that can afford to spend millions on innovation are unwieldy giants…Startups are smaller, more agile, and more passionate, and so while they may not have the same budget, they drive innovation if for no other reason than because they must.” – The General Theory of the Translation Company

New players to the industry are driving innovation, but just as the name suggests, startups don’t necessary start with large sums of money. Nimdzi understands this and is committed to our vision of bringing high-quality research and insights to the industry. Educational programs are breeding the next generation of industry leaders, and we are committed to working with universities and startups alike, to ensure that these future leaders have access to the most up-to-date research.

We’re here to help. 

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