Nimdzi offers a wide variety of consultancy services to businesses, organizations, and brands just like yours. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and will work with you to create a bespoke solution to the globalization challenges that you face. You can trust our experienced international business and language services consultants to work with you closely to help you prepare for the expansion of your business, your entry into a new market, or the development or management of a translation or localization department within your existing organization. Nimdzi means “knowledge” in the Fante dialect of Ghana, and we are committed to spreading knowledge about business development and the important and holistic role that language plays in organizations across the world.  Visit Nimdzi Learning to learn more. 

Nimdzi partners with multinational corporations, governments, and businesses that are ready to take the next step in growing their operations and creating impact in the following areas:

Translation Process and Localization Program Consulting

Optimizing workflows, implementing best practices, and demonstrating the value of localization. These are all crucial components of any successful LSP or localization department. We help your business or department run like a well-oiled machine while also giving you the skills and information you need to ensure that localization is part of the discussion at all stages and levels of the decision making process.

Global Content: Buyer Behavior and International Products

Localization isn’t just language; it’s culture. Color, image, design, all of these play a part in the successful localization of any brand or product. We offer in-depth analysis and research of your content and processes to help you invest confidently in the best localization solution for you.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investment

The language service and technology sector is an ever changing constellation of small, midsize, and large companies. Merging with, or acquiring, another company is one way to maintain a competitive advantage and continue to grow your business. The mergers and acquisitions consultants at Nimdzi can help you navigate this complex yet worthwhile process.

Business Growth and Expansion (for Language Service Providers)

Are you ready to make the leap from small to midsize, or midsize to large company? Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities of expanding into another market? Talk to an international business consultant at Nimdzi who can help take your growth to the next level.

International Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Expanding into the international market presents a unique set of challenges and requires a unique skill set and knowledge base. At Nimdzi, we work with you to understand your business and help you chart the best course to expand on to the global stage.

Language Technology Consulting and Audits

Looking to audit your tech stack? Reviewing features of the many CAT tools and TMSs on the market? Great! As language services consultants that’s our forte. Nimdzi can runs audits and proposes localization tech stack solutions, taking into consideration developer roadmaps and your specific business needs. Our commitment to research the latest developments in the language technology space keeps us motivated and ready for conversations about the role language plays in your organization.

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