How do global companies run localization programs that enable international expansion?

Nimdzi's series of reports titled "Lessons in Localization - How Multilingual Content Enables International Expansion" showcase some of the most successful and intriguing localization initiatives across the globe. Each report delves into the international expansion strategy of a start-up, scale-up, or enterprise, as well as the structure of its localization department, use of language technology, and supply chain.

The complete collection of over 60 reports, and growing, is accessible to Nimdzi clients. While the full reports are exclusive to Nimdzi clients, a sneak peek of each report is available to the public.

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Lessons in Localization
  • Localization at the company
  • Organization
  • Culture
  • Languages
  • Project and process management
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control
  • Technology
  • This is where the future works
  • More


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A word from our
International Growth Consultants

“The Lessons in Localization series by Nimdzi is an incredible platform for individuals who are instrumental in driving their company’s global expansion. This series offers a remarkable opportunity to share personal journeys, lessons learned, and challenges that have been overcome to achieve success. Localization, language services, and translation teams have a tremendous impact on various departments within a company, including Product, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience. Through its cross-functional role, localization can be a catalyst for growth and expansion, opening doors to new markets and opportunities. We are excited to showcase these inspiring stories and celebrate the power of localization!”

“Every company’s localization team has unique daily operations, but they often face similar obstacles. In interviews, phrases like “evangelization,” “awareness,” and “early involvement” arise frequently. If you’ve discovered a successful approach to these hurdles or are interested in hearing from others who have conquered them, we invite you to engage with us. Our community is eager to learn and share solutions that encourage growth and success.”

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