The General Theory of the Translation Company

Available in SEVEN languages

The General Theory of the Translation Company


Teoría General de la Empresa de Traducción

Teoria Generală a Companiei de Traduceri

Teoria Generale Della Società Di Traduzione

Çeviri Şirketinin Genel Teorisi

(coming soon)

What’s in this book?

You are reading this book summary, so we’re assuming you’re looking for answers. Too bad. Instead, here are some questions:

  • Are you new to language services, an experienced industry veteran, or an industry outsider? Would you like to learn more?
  • Have you been waiting your whole life for somebody (anybody) to publish a book about the language services industry that doesn’t bore you to tears?
  • Are you a translator or owner of an LSP looking for insight into how to grow your business and make more money doing what you love?
  • Has your manager just told you that you are now in charge of something called “localization” and you need to figure out what the hell they are talking about?
  • Are you a manager who just told your employee they are in charge of something called “localization” and would like to give them a book so you don’t have to pretend you know what the hell you are talking about?

If you answered yes, no, or maybe to zero or more of the above questions, then this is the book for you! The General Theory of the Translation Company condenses decades of combined experience in an easily digestible and entertaining format. It does not provide all the answers. It teaches us how to ask better questions and to have more meaningful conversations about language services.

General Theory of the Translation Company

General Theory of the Translation Company

Renato Beninatto

Localization visionary and professional contrarian, Renato has done it all – freelance translation, vendor management, sales and marketing, CEO, and everything in between. He has a passion for passing on his extensive industry knowledge to others and helping companies grow, which is what this book is all about. Renato met Tucker while working at the same company and they have had an adventurous working relationship ever since, even though he thinks Tucker takes himself too seriously.

Tucker Johnson

Tucker started out as a (bad) translator and fell in love with the language services industry. He hasn’t looked back. Over the years, he has worn many hats on the production side, performing or overseeing all different functions in the language services value chain. Being self-taught, Tucker loves to work with others to pass on his experience and hopes this book can help others starting out so they don’t have to learn things the hard way as he did. While he has great respect for Renato’s years of experience, knowledge, and insight, Tucker does sometimes wish that he would take things a little bit more seriously.