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Workshops: Language Services and International Business Workshops

Nimdzi workshops offer global teams and localization industry professionals a source of continuing education on topics most relevant to growth and development. Nimdzi offers a wide variety of half and full-day workshops. These specially planned events are designed to give you and your colleagues the tools to solve pressing challenges as well as to engage and inspire you and your international team. 

In today’s rapidly changing language services and technological landscape being able to continually improve your processes and knowledge base is indispensable. Organizations that don’t evolve get left behind. The kind of in-depth, practical knowledge that Nimdzi workshops provide organizations worldwide will not only help you keep up with the competition; it’s a key differentiator that sets you apart from the competition. Workshops are facilitated by the researchers and consultants at Nimdzi Insights and collaborators who bring their rich industry experience and expertise. 

A lot of workshops, in person or online, are little more than glorified lectures, with little opportunity for participants to engage in practical application of the things they’re learning. 

Our workshops are different; Nimdzi workshop facilitators use their years of real-world experience to guide you through a half or full day of deeply interactive learning, allowing you not just to learn but to apply and expand on the knowledge that you’re gaining.

Nimdzi Workshop Topics: 

Buyer Persona Workshops

The Buyer Persona Package offers 3 types of events for language service providers who are ready to learn all about the profiles of their potential customers. The package includes:

  • How To Develop & Apply Buyer Personas in your Business
  • The Buyer Persona Exercise, for you and your colleagues to build your company buyer personas together
  • Q&A With a Typical Buyer Persona, an opportunity to ask your questions to industry experts.

Referral Selling Workshops

Sales is tough and it won’t get easier anytime soon. The objective of this workshop is to help you fill your sales pipeline with only qualified leads and reduce the cost of sales. Nimdzi offers a referral selling workshop for business professionals who are ready to take the next step in their sales strategy.

The Translation and Localization Sales Process

When looking to increase your sales volume, would it be helpful if your Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Managerial teams could:

  • Consistently develop opportunities that align with your core competencies? 
  • Accurately assess the stage that the prospect/customer is in during the buying cycle? 
  • Increase the potential to cross-sell or bundle additional services and languages into projects?
These workshops are for LSPs of any size, as long as you are focused on growth.

Localization Workflows Workshops

The ins and out of localization workshops. More info coming soon.

Account Management for Project Managers

This course stays away from theory and philosophy and focuses on practical business best-practices. New dates coming soon.

Custom Workshops:

Don’t see the training you’re looking for? It’s an opportunity for us to pull together new resources and a chance for your organization to provide professional development opportunities. 


DTP, Multimedia and Video Localization Workshops

Language Technology

Machine Translation Workshops

Growth and Strategy

LSP Upswing Programs

A lost opportunity to learn is lost time, lost efficiency, and lost revenue. Nimdzi workshops keep you on the cutting edge of industry best practices so you and your team can continue to create value for your organization. If you would like to talk about putting together a customized workshop for your team, email [email protected].

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