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Introduction to Customer Profiling: Creating Buyer Personas

Intermediate 0 lessons 1 hour(s) activities
Understanding your prospects’ goals and challenges is fundamental to connect with them and drive meaningful conversations. In this course, you will learn how to build a buyer persona to improve and make the most out of your prospecting efforts.
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The Business of Translation

Beginner 12 lessons 3 hour(s) 12 activities
“The Business of Translation” is designed for newcomers to the industry at any level in an organization (including project managers, localization managers, business development managers, VP of Sales, etc.) who are looking to understand the value and supply chain of the translation business in order to improve their effectiveness when navigating the industry and make impactful and strategic decisions.
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Effective selling during online events

Intermediate 0 lessons 1 hour(s) activities
Preparation and planning before attending an online event lead to effective selling and increases your opportunities to succeed. This course will leave you with a toolkit that equips you to better prepare for an online event, being able to drive meaningful conversations with your prospects in a challenging virtual environment.
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Change Management for Localization Professionals

Intermediate 18 lessons 3 hour(s) 16 activities
Effective change management leads to successful transitions, motivated teams, and continuous improvement within your organization. This course will leave you with a toolkit that equips you to lead change in a methodical and strategic way. You’ll be able to avoid common blockers and engage your team to adapt to the change.
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Strategic Decision Making

Intermediate 16 lessons 1.5 hour(s) 10 activities
In this course, we will be discussing the decision-making process, specifically in a business context, although you could apply the principles we’ll be discussing to other areas of your life, as well. We’ll be talking about how to make better-informed decisions, which typically lead to better results.
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Account Management for Project Managers

Intermediate 8 lessons 14 hour(s) 7 activities
This course is designed for localization project managers who are interested in learning practical ways to add more value for their clients through account management best practices and business communication skills.
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