Translation Process and Localization Program Consulting

Translation Process and Localization Program Consulting

Optimizing workflows, implementing best practices, and demonstrating the value of localization. These are all crucial components of any successful localization department or language services provider (LSP). Nimdzi brings decades of combined industry experience to your unique project. We help your organization run like a well-oiled machine while also giving you the skills and information you need to ensure that localization is part of the discussion at all stages and levels of the decision-process.

Our client projects range from process consulting for language service providers to localization program consulting for global enterprises with complex departments. 

Clients look to improve systems, processes, and technologies and to create the foundation for a successful localization program. They have come to Nimdzi with questions such as: 

Language technology

Evaluating and migrating translation management systems is a lot of work, where do I begin?

How can we leverage translation memories company-wide?

Translation costs and centralization

How do we centralize production to lower translation costs and improve consistency?

Quality assurance

How can we achieve the quality that we need without micro-managing our vendors?

Localization ROI

How can we show higher-ups that localization is an investment that generates revenue?

Processes and best practices

How do we determine what process will enable all our stakeholders to meet deadlines?


How can we prevent sending so many ad-hoc requests to vendors for similar information that should be available internally?

Our industry experts have experience starting, managing, and growing businesses across the world. Our backgrounds include account management, vendor management, translation and localization sales process improvement, asset consolidation, technology audits, and of course, optimizing the translation process to ensure that business is flowing smoothly and that linguists, translation providers, and end clients are happy. 

Success Stories

Case studies, testimonials and success stories showcase how past projects have benefited clients.

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