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There is a shadow industry driving the growth of ALL global brands: Localization. On Nimdzi LIVE!, we talk globalization, localization, translation, interpretation, language, and culture, with an emphasis on how it affects your business, whether you have a scrappy start-up or are working in a top global brand. Topics are taken from the most recently published market research from Nimdzi Insights (and other sources) and will feature guest speakers from time to time.

Nimdzi LIVE! episodes are hosted by a diverse team of experts at Nimdzi Insights. Frequent hosts include Nika Allahverdi (Chief Marketing Officer), Tucker Johnson (Nimdzi co-founder), and Sarah Hickey (VP of Research).

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Episodes are broadcast live via Linkedin Events. Live attendees can ask questions, share their expertise, and interact with the hosts. To view and register for upcoming events, visit our Linkedin Events page.

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If you're interested in being a guest on the show or would like to nominate somebody else, then reach out to [email protected] to pitch a topic to our team.