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About the show

Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights, the C-Suite HotSeat show is a collection of short conversations with the executives at language service providers worldwide. In these episodes, the hosts from Nimdzi Insights ask a mix of rapid-fire and more in-depth questions to find out how the C-Suite got to where they are today. 

Meet the hosts

The C-Suite HotSeat hosts include members of the Nimdzi Team:

  • Inge Boonen, VP of Consulting
  • Sarah Hickey, VP of Research
  • Marek Jakúbek, Business Development Manager
  • Gabriel Karandysovsky, Chief Operating Officer
  • Josef Kubosky, CEO


Episode 1: The Secret to Success in the Language Industry with CEO Joshua Gould

Guest: Joshua Gould

Josh Gould has worked as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the Language Defense and Government Services for almost two decades. As global CEO of thebigword Josh has led the groups expansion and digital transformation and has a long history of demonstrated success in leading cross functional teams to drive global growth and efficiency.

Episode 2: Empowering People in Healthcare and Language Access with Pres. Jamey Edwards

Guest: Jamey Edwards

Prior to UpHealth Inc. (formerly "Cloudbreak"), Jamey was the CEO of Emergent Medical Associates. During his tenure, EMA grew into the leading multi-specialty group in the southwest US. He remains with EMA as a Board Member. He is also Board Member for Santa Monica Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Young President’s Organization and a Mentor at the LA Incubator Start Engine. Jamey has been a 3x Honoree for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and a 2x Honoree for the LABJ Healthcare Leadership Awards. Jamey is also a proud member of the #PinkSocks Tribe of healthcare innovators, working to disrupt healthcare from the ground up and drive positive change for patients and providers. He received his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Episode 3: Buildong Your Own Company with CPTO Roeland Hofkens

Guest: Roeland Hofkens

Roeland Hofkens combines more than 20 years of experience in multilingual content management with extensive software engineering skills and a strong background in machine learning to deliver innovative products and solutions as CPTO of LanguageWire.
From an early age Roeland developed a passion for technology and languages. Getting a master’s degree in computer engineering was a natural next step towards a career in software.
He was one of the founders of multilingual content management pioneer AMPLEXOR in Belgium. Roeland has continued his journey in the multilingual content space as the CTO of Westernacher in Germany. His main focus is on applying deep learning and analytics to all kinds of natural language processing and automation tasks.

Episode 4: How to Love Business Challenges with CEO Silke Zschweigert

Guest: Silke Zschweigert

Silke Zschweigert is a passionate, authentic, and driven executive, with 23 years of experience in the language software and services industry. Before becoming CEO at Jonckers, Silke was a member of the executive team at SDL as their Chief Delivery Officer. She's always looking for ways to be better, faster, and more profitable by discovering new business opportunities, process optimization & automation through AI and machine learning without losing a clear focus on the customer, the employees, and quality.

Episode 5: The Power of Culture, Coaching and Contemplating with CGO Jonas Ryberg

Guest: Jonas Ryberg

Jonas Ryberg manages the Globalization Practice at Digital Services firm Pactera EDGE. He has spent more than 20 years in the industry, in a career that started in Sweden and currently has taken him to Seattle, WA. In his role as Chief Globalization Officer at Pactera EDGE, Jonas oversees Language Services, AI Localization and AI Data Services which fuel human-centric intelligent platforms. He's excited about the current trajectory of the language services industry and how it has become an integral part of some of the most cutting-edge trends in the technology sector.

Episode 6: Learning Business with Anu Carnegie-Brown

Guest: Anu Carnegie-Brown

Anu empowers people to achieve their language-related goals. Since the mid-nineties, she has extended this leadership approach to students on university translation courses, to clients who rely on continuous localization services, to colleagues who constantly venture outside their comfort zone, and to industry associations who innovate ways for us all to work together. As a C-suite professional with 25 years of authentic experience in the global language industry, Anu's main expertise is in the Nordic market, creating and communicating strategy, building teams, and growing translation companies from modest start-ups to streamlined organizations.

Episode 7: Play to Your Strengths With CEO Spence Green

Guest: Spence Green

Spence Green is Lilt’s Co-Founder and CEO. Prior to founding Lilt, Spence worked as a fellow at XSeed Capital and in software and research at Google, where he worked on Google Translate. He received a PhD and MS in Computer Science from Stanford and a BS from the University of Virginia. He has published papers on machine translation, language parsing, and mixed-initiative systems and given talks on translator productivity.

Episode 8: Being Yourself in Business with Chris Hodgson

Guest: Chris Hoodgson

Chris is the global managing director at Mother Tongue. Part of the Omnicom Group of marketing services companies, Mother Tongue provides transcreation, translation, insight and content services for global brands. He began his career in localization nearly 20 years ago, as a French and German graduate. Soon realizing he had found his calling at the junction of branding and language, his work has revolved around cross-cultural communication ever since. Mother Tongue seeks to deliver brand voices that are authentic and credible locally, as the best way of driving international engagement. As husband to a Peruvian wife and father to two young Anglo-Peruvian daughters, he also finds he frequently takes his cross-cultural work home with him!

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