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About the show

Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights, the C-Suite HotSeat show is a collection of short conversations with the executives at language service providers worldwide. In these episodes, the hosts from Nimdzi Insights ask a mix of rapid-fire and more in-depth questions to find out how the C-Suite got to where they are today. 

Meet the hosts

The C-Suite HotSeat hosts include members of the Nimdzi Team:

  • Inge Boonen, VP of Consulting
  • Sarah Hickey, VP of Research
  • Marek Jakúbek, Business Development Manager
  • Gabriel Karandysovsky, Chief Operating Officer
  • Josef Kubosky, CEO


Episode 1: The Secret to Success in the Language Industry with CEO Joshua Gould

Guest: Joshua Gould

Josh Gould has worked as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the Language Defense and Government Services for almost two decades. As global CEO of thebigword Josh has led the groups expansion and digital transformation and has a long history of demonstrated success in leading cross functional teams to drive global growth and efficiency.

Episode 2: Empowering People in Healthcare and Language Access with Pres. Jamey Edwards

Guest: Jamey Edwards

Prior to UpHealth Inc. (formerly "Cloudbreak"), Jamey was the CEO of Emergent Medical Associates. During his tenure, EMA grew into the leading multi-specialty group in the southwest US. He remains with EMA as a Board Member. He is also Board Member for Santa Monica Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Young President’s Organization and a Mentor at the LA Incubator Start Engine. Jamey has been a 3x Honoree for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and a 2x Honoree for the LABJ Healthcare Leadership Awards. Jamey is also a proud member of the #PinkSocks Tribe of healthcare innovators, working to disrupt healthcare from the ground up and drive positive change for patients and providers. He received his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Episode 3: Buildong Your Own Company with CPTO Roeland Hofkens

Guest: Roeland Hofkens

Roeland Hofkens combines more than 20 years of experience in multilingual content management with extensive software engineering skills and a strong background in machine learning to deliver innovative products and solutions as CPTO of LanguageWire.
From an early age Roeland developed a passion for technology and languages. Getting a master’s degree in computer engineering was a natural next step towards a career in software.
He was one of the founders of multilingual content management pioneer AMPLEXOR in Belgium. Roeland has continued his journey in the multilingual content space as the CTO of Westernacher in Germany. His main focus is on applying deep learning and analytics to all kinds of natural language processing and automation tasks.

Episode 4: How to Love Business Challenges with CEO Silke Zschweigert

Guest: Silke Zschweigert

Silke Zschweigert is a passionate, authentic, and driven executive, with 23 years of experience in the language software and services industry. Before becoming CEO at Jonckers, Silke was a member of the executive team at SDL as their Chief Delivery Officer. She's always looking for ways to be better, faster, and more profitable by discovering new business opportunities, process optimization & automation through AI and machine learning without losing a clear focus on the customer, the employees, and quality.

Episode 5: The Power of Culture, Coaching and Contemplating with CGO Jonas Ryberg

Guest: Jonas Ryberg

Jonas Ryberg manages the Globalization Practice at Digital Services firm Pactera EDGE. He has spent more than 20 years in the industry, in a career that started in Sweden and currently has taken him to Seattle, WA. In his role as Chief Globalization Officer at Pactera EDGE, Jonas oversees Language Services, AI Localization and AI Data Services which fuel human-centric intelligent platforms. He's excited about the current trajectory of the language services industry and how it has become an integral part of some of the most cutting-edge trends in the technology sector.

Episode 6: Learning Business with Anu Carnegie-Brown

Guest: Anu Carnegie-Brown

Anu empowers people to achieve their language-related goals. Since the mid-nineties, she has extended this leadership approach to students on university translation courses, to clients who rely on continuous localization services, to colleagues who constantly venture outside their comfort zone, and to industry associations who innovate ways for us all to work together. As a C-suite professional with 25 years of authentic experience in the global language industry, Anu's main expertise is in the Nordic market, creating and communicating strategy, building teams, and growing translation companies from modest start-ups to streamlined organizations.

Episode 7: Play to Your Strengths With CEO Spence Green

Guest: Spence Green

Spence Green is Lilt’s Co-Founder and CEO. Prior to founding Lilt, Spence worked as a fellow at XSeed Capital and in software and research at Google, where he worked on Google Translate. He received a PhD and MS in Computer Science from Stanford and a BS from the University of Virginia. He has published papers on machine translation, language parsing, and mixed-initiative systems and given talks on translator productivity.

Episode 8: Being Yourself in Business with Chris Hodgson

Guest: Chris Hoodgson

Chris is the global managing director at Mother Tongue. Part of the Omnicom Group of marketing services companies, Mother Tongue provides transcreation, translation, insight and content services for global brands. He began his career in localization nearly 20 years ago, as a French and German graduate. Soon realizing he had found his calling at the junction of branding and language, his work has revolved around cross-cultural communication ever since. Mother Tongue seeks to deliver brand voices that are authentic and credible locally, as the best way of driving international engagement. As husband to a Peruvian wife and father to two young Anglo-Peruvian daughters, he also finds he frequently takes his cross-cultural work home with him!

Episode 9: Be Bold and Persistent with CEO Veronique Özkaya

Guest: Veronique Özkaya

Véronique Özkaya is chief executive officer at Argos Multilingual. Prior to her role at Argos, she was CEO at Xplanation. Earlier in her career, Véronique held senior roles at Lionbridge and Moravia, where she worked with top brands in technology, life sciences, and financial services. Véronique is a former GALA board chair.

Episode 10: Leadership Is Believing in People with Antonio Tejada

Guest: Antonio Tejada

Antonio Tejada started his career as a software localization linguist in 1991 and he has since been involved with the industry in multiple capacities, performing senior roles in Operations, Sales, and Technology for organizations like SDL and Capita TI. He has managed businesses in Ireland, Spain, and, at present, the UK, with a strong emphasis on innovation and the use of technology. Outside of languages, Antonio was also a CEO for a Telecoms business deploying high-speed wireless broadband in large, rural areas. He has witnessed the early adoption of Translation Memory, Machine Translation, and more generally the revolution of the Internet and the use of mobile technologies.

Episode 11: Cultivating Good Work Culture with Elizabeth Compton

Guest: Elizabeth Compton

*Since the time of this recording Elizabeth has moved to a new career opportunity and is no longer with LanguageLoop.* With more than 20 years of experience working in executive roles across financial services, automotive, and government, Elizabeth Compton is now on a mission to digitally transform language services. She works with Australia's largest corporates to ensure that across any customer touchpoint and journey, customers can interact with the businesses that serve them. Anywhere, anytime, any channel in ANY language. Her passion is improving outcomes for customers, understanding their needs, and delivering the products and services to serve them. Using the latest tech, driving business transformation, strategy implementation, and focusing on getting the best out of people to deliver great outcomes.

Episode 12: Enjoy the Ride with CEO Andreas Jacobi

Guest: Andreas Jacobi

Andreas Jacobi is a seasoned localization industry expert and CEO at Lyngual. Previously he held executive and senior management roles at large translation providers. He is a translation industry expert with a special focus on process automation and optimization. Andreas is a serial entrepreneur and investor, outstanding sales skills and extensive experience in global large ticket and enterprise sales.

Episode 13: How to Be a Positive Leader with Christophe Djaouani

Guest: Christophe Djaouani

Christophe Djaouani is a global executive leading teams in EMEA, NASA, and APAC. He's highly motivated with +20 years’ experience helping customers in highly regulated industries communicate with confidence. With a proven track record working with Fortune 500 clients and an in-depth knowledge of current trends in multilingual communications, he is client focused, and strives to find the best long-term solutions. He has honed evaluation skills, vision and drive to grow the business with a carefully selected, motivated and well-organized workforce.

Episode 14: Being Authentic in Business with Krzysztof Zdanowski

Guest: Krzysztof Zdanowski

Krzysztof Zdanowski is an entrepreneur. He grew up in a Polish-Canadian family, studied, and graduated from the Tischner European University in Poland and the European University of Rome in Italy. In 2009 he built his first business – now, with annual revenue exceeding USD 25m, one of the top 100 largest multilingual data management providers in the world. As CEO of Summa Linguae Technologies, he has developed a unique business model based on a combination of organic growth and M&A strategy. He took the company public (SUL, Warsaw Stock Exchange), raised multiple angel and PE equity and debt rounds (USD 30m+), and managed a number of mergers and acquisitions (Poland, India, Romania, Scandinavia, USA, and Canada). Krzysztof is fascinated by processes of innovation in cultural and business environments. He has invested and advised in 30+ equity/debt projects. Krzysztof frequently keynotes conferences and has been a mentor, panelist, and speaker at 100+ events. Essentially, Krzysztof is an entrepreneur, investor, and licensed airplane pilot. He is also an active long-distance runner.

Episode 15: Make Mistakes to Succeed with Geert Benoit

Guest: Geert Benoit

Geert is the founder and CEO of Yamagata Europe and director at Yamagata Corporation in Japan. Geert holds an MA in Chinese and Japanese languages and an MBA from the Vlerick Business School. He started as a programmer working in the textile industry where he first learned the Japanese quality philosophy. After two extra years of studying in Japan, he moved to the localization & translation industry in 1991 and founded Yamagata Europe in 1998. Today Yamagata Europe employs over 60 information specialists, with offices in Ghent (Belgium) and Bratislava (Slovakia). The company creates, translates, manages, and prints technical and marketing information for international companies in a wide variety of industries.

Episode 16: The Human Experience in Business with CEO Nic McMahon 

Guest: Nic McMahon

Nic McMahon has been around the blocks, senior management roles at localization companies big and small, including SDL, Lionbridge, and Jonckers - now, after joining ULG when his company VIA was purchased 4 years ago, Nic is CEO of United Language Group a PE-backed top 20 language and cultural solutions company.

Episode 17: Never Listen to Advice with CEO Edward Vick 

Guest: Edward Vick

Edward Vick founded EVS Translations - a language services provider - in Germany in 1991. The company operates across Europe and the USA helping multinationals, SMEs, and government institutions to manage the demand for multilingual digital content and information. It is consistently ranked as a world top 100 LSP by market research companies in the localization space and as a world top 20 LSP for the finance sector. Despite being raised in Canada and the UK, Edward lives in Germany with his family. He enjoys collecting art, as well as reading good literature.

Episode 18: Be True to Yourself in Business with CEO John Fennelly  

Guest: John Fennelly

John Fennelly is the CEO of Lionbridge, the pioneer, and leader in translation and localization services. As CEO, he is leading our 6,000 employees in over 50 countries. Since joining Lionbridge, John has led a major transformation of the company and returned it to growth. Prior to joining Lionbridge, John was the CEO of HireRight, a leader in the HCM technology space. There, he engineered a major turnaround effort that resulted in record revenue and earnings growth and led to a successful sale of the company. He has also held executive leadership positions at a number of information services companies, including Thomson Reuters and Sungard.

Episode 19: The Power of Language Access with CEO Luis Miguel Musi 

Guest: Luis Miguel Musi

Luis Miguel is the CEO at Avantpage, Inc. Luis is responsible for its mission to provide immigrants with the opportunity to reach their American dream. Luis is passionate about helping his clients communicate effectively with immigrants in a language they can both understand. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the translation industry, Luis works to the benefit of clients and the immigrant community.

Episode 20: Finding Fun in Business with CEO Olivier Marcheteau 

Guest: Olivier Marcheteau

Olivier Marcheteau is an experienced International leader with a track record of over 15 years leading growth companies to enable them to succeed and scale in highly competitive, international, and technologically driven environments. He has experience managing large and complex businesses as well as structuring and driving to success smaller, more entrepreneurial organizations. Olivier is an expert in strategy, B2C and B2B sales & marketing, technology, and innovation as well as M&A and investors relationships.

Episode 21: Creating Human Connections with Vera Richards 

Guest: Vera Richards

Vera Richards has spent over 20 years in various positions within the language industry. With a passion for removing language and cultural barriers and helping bridge communication gaps, she has worked on the client-side and for the past 15 years on the language service provider side, always keeping the target global audiences at the forefront of her mind. Vera embraces the constant evolution in the localization process and technologies and sees it as an enriching and exciting challenge. In her current role as a President of Language Services at Akorbi, she focuses on matching talented individuals with new technologies fulfilling the growing global market needs.

Episode 22: Loving Languages with CEO Diego Cresceri 

Guest: Diego Cresceri

Diego Cresceri is CEO & Founder of Creative Words and co-founder of Creative AI. His clients include multilingual translation agencies, Italian companies aiming to internationalize, and foreign companies aiming to enter the Italian market. He is currently the President of the Board of Directors of ELIA, the European Language Industry Association. At Creative Words, he is responsible for the company's strategy and growth. With a strong inclination to share, when not involved in his company he holds workshops and seminars on innovation, artificial intelligence, and machine translation at universities, training schools, and language associations nationally and internationally. He enjoys spending his (little) free time with his two kids.

Episode 23: Being an Entrepreneur at Heart with Founder Kimon Fountoukidis 

Guest: Kimon Fountoukidis

Kimon is the Founder/Chairman of Argos Multilingual, a top global language service provider. Kimon has led four successful acquisitions in the language industry and is a strong believer in M&A as a powerful growth tool available to all business owners. Kimon was born in New York and moved to Krakow in 1993 where he currently lives. A podcast of Kimon's story can be found here.

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