Interpreting Opportunities in Retail

How much cold, hard cash are retailers leaving on the table by not catering to customers in their native language?

Tourism in the US is worth about USD 220 billion. Retail is worth USD 106 billion of the total travel spending in the US (domestic & international).

On average, international travelers to the United States dedicate 19 percent of their overall budget to retail. In some cases this percentage is much higher — visitors from Mexico spend 60 percent of their budget on retail, from Japan 59 percent, and from Germany 40 percent.

Interpreting has not traditionally been used in the retail industry but according to a Nimdzi survey, 31 percent of buyers who purchase luxury good would be extremely likely to spend more in the United States if the luxury item retailer offered services in their mother tongue.

Luxury buyers more likely to buy with interpreting services

Source: Nimdzi Insights

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4 September 2019
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