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What’s What in Media Localization – Nimdzi Finger Food

In the last Nimdzi Finger Food pieces of this series, we talked about subtitling. And one of the categories that we discussed were intralingual subtitles, that is, subtitles that are written in the same language that is being spoken in the audiovisual content.

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The Pitfalls of Using Standalone TMX Editors – Nimdzi Finger Food

Updating a translation memory is easy peasy, right? It happens every day, directly in the CAT tool or TMS you’ve been using for years. Most of the time, it’s the translator who makes the change, and a Linguistic Manager at the language services provider (LSP) approves the change (preferably) before it happens.


What’s What in Media Localization, Part 3 – Nimdzi Finger Food

Subtitling is a service aimed at helping viewers access audiovisual content. Subtitles are chunks of text presented usually at the bottom of the screen (but not always) that convey the original dialogues translated into the target languages. Subtitles can also include other elements that appear in images such as newspapers headlines, notes, messages on a phone, letters, etc.

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