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Terminology Management Systems Public 

Detailed view of all functionalities, connectors, and features of the top TBS systems on the market today. Never before has all this information been in one easy-to-compare format.

TMS mosaic

The Translation Management System Mosaic: Different Colors, Shapes and SizesExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

TMS stands for Translation Management System. However, there’s no exact standard within the translation and localization industry as to what comprises a TMS.

Some providers and users of these solutions are adamant that TMS is a system that has management functionality and does not necessarily have Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) features. But we call any such technology a Business Management System (BMS) since that’s what it does: it helps manage business operations.


Subtitling for an Inclusive Society Public  

We live in a world that is becoming more and more audiovisual. Audiovisual is the new universal language. We learn with videos instead of books, thanks to the proliferation of video tutorials on YouTube or e-learning platforms such as Udacity or Coursera.

Life Sciences_header

Life Sciences Vertical ReportExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

It comes as little surprise that Life Sciences is a sector firmly on the rise. While access to healthcare is democratizing across the globe, the growing needs of patients go hand in hand with technological advancements transforming the way businesses operate.

Blockchain in the language services industry

Blockchain in the Language Services Industry Public  

Blockchain and bitcoin have been around for more than a decade now, but most of us mortals are still struggling to understand how all this technology comes together, without even considering its implications for the language services industry. Let’s give it a try.

Language technology

Top Language Technology Countries Public  

From typewriters to machine translation, technology has continuously transformed language services. The future capacity of companies and individuals to win business and influence the industry depends on having a technological advantage. Locations with hubs of impactful and popular language technologies will attract better talent, create more jobs, and enjoy economic development more than others. So, […]

Internationalization and all that jazz

Internationalization: 5 Steps to Prepare a Game for Localization Public  

Unlocalized text embedded in graphics, truncations, grammar issues… Are those relics of past mobile game localizations? Unfortunately, no. Even today, in Q3 2019, you may install a game on your smartphone that boasts of supporting more than 20 languages, and you are still not safe from localization fails. Internationalization and All That Jazz5 steps to […]

Data services

Data Services: Why They Are Not a Miracle Cure for LSP growth Public  

USD 500 million in data services and machine intelligence work. This is what Appen, Lionbridge, Pactera, Welocalize, Alibaba LS, and other techy language service providers (LSPs) will likely generate in revenue this year. That’s close to 7 percent of revenue generated by the global Top-100 LSPs, and it’s on par with the volume they derive […]


NMT: The Hype Is Dead, Long Live the HypeExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

In a galaxy not too far away, neural machine translation (NMT) has been on everyone’s lips, lauded as the next best thing since… machine translation. While NMT has been around for a number of years now, you could argue the hype (and the expectations) surrounding it are as strong as ever. Or is it?  We […]

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