We Know What You Did Last Summer: What Keeps Buyers of Localization Awake at Night

Running a localization program is no small matter. The user experience of millions of users around the globe depends on the good (and bad) decisions a localization director makes. No pressure.

We asked over 100 buyers of localization services who work for any number of companies – from small to large organizations – what kept them awake at night. This was not a multiple-choice question.

What keeps buyers of localization awake at night?

We know what you did last summer - buyers of localization

The top concern across the board is quality. Interesting to note is that the concern for quality among female respondents is almost double that of males.

The demographic, however, that reported the greatest concern for quality lies in respondents younger than 35 years of age. There is a commonly held belief – even if it is not readily or openly discussed – that younger, less experienced professionals need to prove themselves on the job.

Although the data shows stark differences among respondents in some areas, all respondents seem to agree when it comes to cost. While an average of 31.1 percent of respondents reported that quality is the number one concern keeping them up at night, cost concerns reside on the opposite end of the spectrum with an average of only 4.9 percent of respondents reporting that cost was a concern.

The majority of buyers believe that cutting corners to save a few pennies might end up costing them much more in the long run – a gamble they aren’t willing to take.

If you wish to read more on what keeps client-side globalization directors up at night, check the full report available to Nimdzi Partners here.

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