Why You Should Be Thinking About BMS

A Business Management System (BMS) does exactly what its name suggests: it helps manage business operations.

BMS solutions are mainly used by translation agencies because of this understandable need to manage, monitor, and control business operations, the same as in any other serious business.

Unlike in other businesses, however, tech solutions coming from outside of the translation industry are too inconvenient/expensive/hard to customize for the specific translation operations and needs. That is where BMS can help.

Reasons not to buy?

Even though BMS, both commercial and self-developed, are widely spread in the localization sphere, there are also those companies that don’t buy this type of technology. Why?

Source: Protemos

Data from a survey carried out by one such a BMS provider, Protemos, show, that the three main reasons not to buy are: 

  1. Price 
  2. Lack of understanding of system features 
  3. The difficulty finding an appropriate system

Reasons to buy

Let’s see what companies reluctant to invest in a BMS solution may be missing out on.

The operations of a translation agency or localization department within a larger organization involve dozens (if not hundreds) of processes and tasks. Things can get really hairy, the larger and more complex the operation gets. Companies of a certain size will need to rethink their processes as they scale up. And these, in turn,  will need to be properly and smoothly organized in order to ensure production is coordinated between different internal stakeholders and the client.

Such processes can include (but are not limited to):

  • monitoring the general state of affairs 
  • risk analysis
  • tracking projects profitability
  • managing the database of customers and vendors
  • coordinating the work of linguists

All of these should be tracked and checked for a translation project, and the company itself, to succeed. Here’s where BMS comes in.

BMS: a cornucopia of functionality

Data collected from potential BMS users show that half of the companies who have yet to utilize this technology realize its benefits and consider integrating it into their work processes in the near future.

For a quick and handy guide on what BMS are out there, check out the Nimdzi Technology Atlas. We list about 20 BMS providers: Consoltec, LBS, Plunet, Protemos, QuaHill, XTRF, and others. 

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