What Localization Buyers Want

Nimdzi has gathered responses from over 100 localization decision-makers to understand what are the deciding factors when selecting which language services provider (LSP) to partner with, both on an individual level, as well as what their companies are looking for.

We made the distinction as often heads of localization departments simply have to comply with company-wide procurement strategy – and that may differ from their personal views on what the priorities should be.

Unsurprisingly, on-time delivery (84 percent of respondents) and quality of translation (83 percent) are the two extremely important things on the minds of companies shopping for localization.

Top factors which are important to companies when buying localization

Source: Nimdzi Insights

We found out that price, however, while still remaining an important consideration on a company-wide level, plays a lesser role today in comparison with other priorities. 

Answers from individual respondents have been especially revealing –  only 25.77 percent view price as a number one priority.

Localization buyers are less interested in hearing how cheap your French translation service is thanks to your amazing cost optimization process. What they want to know is how that translates into the extra time and care your project managers will be able to pour into their project.

The level of customer service has indeed become a key differentiator for LSPs. We’ve talked to hundreds of language industry professionals and they agree on this one point – it is the extras which an LSP can provide, which ultimately land it the deal.

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