Webinar: Inbound Marketing for LSPs

WEBINAR: Inbound marketing for LSPs

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Sandra: Welcome to our Wednesday. I hope that you have your coffee, your water, your whiskey or whatever your poison is ready and my name is Sandra. I’m going to be your Mc. We have today with those sales and marketing expert run and we also have the chief of research for names to ghosted wrench. We’re going to be talking today about email marketing. Remember to follow us in facebook, Youtube, linkedin, instagram, and Google plus. A couple of things before we start. We’re going to be streaming this webinar live on facebook, on Youtube, so if you have any questions during the presentation, just put them in the comments or in the chat window and we will get back to you at the end of this Webinar. You were not able to go through your questions and we will follow up with you afterwards. Um, if you’re in twitter, the Hashtag for the weapons is Hashtag name Z, underscore insights. May Be sure to use the hashtags. We can catch your questions and also use the twitter handle at [inaudible] underscore insights by registering for the Webinar. You already already eligible to receive regular updates via email when we publish any new content. We are also gonna be sending you a recording of this webinar and if you want to see the old women or just go to our youtube channel and you can have them there. Now, without further ado, Renato. They’re all yours.
Renato: Thank you. Sandra. Inbound marketing is focused on a triathlon caught summers through relevant content with inbound marketing potential. Customers will find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media. Inbound marketing is a term that was created by the founders of Hubspot, a Dharmesh Shah, and Brian Halligan around 2006. The creators of hubspot designed the new attractive category. Inbound has this concept, this idea that it makes people come to you instead of you reaching out to them and which will be outbound. So inbound became associated as a a new category and hubspot a got the the the first place in this category, and this is what you should do as well when your position in your company. If you can create a ranking where you are number one in the hands of your customers, this is a number one of the concepts around positioning concern. What do you have to say about, uh, the types of contexts that we have? Well, thanks for that. Hi everyone.
Kostya: Let’s start with some data. And this chart, this chart shows us the different marketing channels lsps use to which customers. And in green you can see the percentage of it was visa, diabetes, satisfied with this channel in yellow. Those that have invested customers and lost a dark gray are those that have investors. The returns from the, they lost money and the white channel was not used. This is based on surveys of Lsps by associations in the United Kingdom and France. And we have more than 100 companies here. So as you can see, a personal contact at client events or even search engine optimization because it’s very accessible for small companies. And inviting is practically the last thing, small and medium, the customers. So for us, as we move on in the segment before customers, the larger MSPS, the top 100, uh, this situation is somewhat different, but one in five of them have adapted, adopted this methodology and set up or one of the premium market automation systems we use. Web Advisor is an application that can go to websites and see the tracking codes going behind the scenes and the recognize that the cms and this analytics. So in the larger list, ps one and five, let’s use this systems, the SAS companies, the technology providers, every second, it seems with the system as use the most.
Renato: Well, why would you want to consider inbound when I’m enterprise leap comes to your website, very rarely order translations instantly and they don’t go to an order form and say, I want translation is actually one of the challenges that we have in this industry is that there is a disconnect between the moment of the person, uh, the to sell to a person in the moment that they need that translation. So we said they go through this sales cycle that can last up to two years in some cases, if you just have order forms and, uh, about us sections in your website, there aren’t going to me to be many ways for you to keep in contact with those clients who happened to visit your website in the past with a marketing automation software. You can track the visitors that come to your website and then try to understand how they engage with your company.
Renato: If you have relevant content content, you can keep them engaged and nurtured them over the whole engagement cycle. In practice, what this means is that if a prospect feels a form to download an ebook or leaves a comment, you can already see their name and their company and and, and capture that in your system. This is what is called gated content. You give me your information and I’ll give you data. I will give you something that is valuable. Then another approach would be to, for you to send them multiple emails that are just whether they open to some content or not in your website, this is called the drip campaign because drips are the way that or water holes in stones and so over time, little by little you’ll, you’ll get there. You can also continue the feeding them with content automatically until they become familiar with your brand and expertise.
Renato: This is called nurturing. Finally, a, your salespeople can see what the clients are doing on your website, which pages and blog posts they read, how they engage with their company, and then they can follow up with the prospects that visited your website and try to convert them. Uh, so let’s imagine that you are offering a chatbots in multiple languages. So they visited that information in your website. You’re calling them and say, Hey, I see you’re a gathering information about multilingual chatbots. Are you building one? Would you like to get more information from our experts? And so on. So if you are as small as an Lsp and, uh, you, you want your marketing team to grow and invest in it, it’s easier to build around a, an inbound methodology and software then to just play it by year because. So why don’t you share with us some examples. We have a lot of marketing, someone who, a few examples from different companies that, uh, let’s start with lionbridge example made the definitive guidance website translation, and this is a 139 pages long and teachers articles, old familiar personas that they, uh, it’s a great life.
Kostya: You want to download this, keep your premium content to get this. You need to fill in this form. And once you feel before you’re an online digital system, we are companies interested, interesting for the sales they can track. Another example is from a much smaller company. If this is stone in the United Kingdom, Wales, uh, they’ve designed a few ebooks, but these dumb things differently. For example, they’ve designed to enable customers to sell a language services as a project to create the website. So a, a digital production company can download that. Uh, understand how they can sell services and how they can them and become a channel for booths. They also use the marketing automation systems. They use a very simple audience for wordpress, which made the whole thing $100.
Kostya: This is an example of a drip campaign by just showing how many emails I’ve received from them after living in one business character a difference. Uh, so first of living the business card, I’ve got three or four emails from, uh, the content nurturing workflows. So they were testing interest to me and then I was surprised, but I was continuously thin information from marketing, which I think helped me familiarize myself with their offer and the content. Here’s an example from a smartcap I talk to their marketing manager, one of the most successful campaigns that they have a and a smart care. There’s a big user of Marquetto. So I’m told me the most successful one was a campaign to promote the live events partner meeting in Tokyo. Um, by using templates and Marquetto. They slice the database of 10 different ways and it could quickly make these emails domestic, but also personalized for different groups, which resulted in a more oxytocin with more people.
Kostya: And uh, eventually, uh, an example from the United States, a company called a, they use a marketing automation tool from salesforce. They really invest a game to the website and they will have opened up with their most efficient content promoted to you. So this box of this help them generate 100 leads a month and oriented, and finally a, an exception from the rule, a translator translated.net is a, the language services company that has the most visited website in the industry to even have more traffic than the marketplace. According to similar women. They have really good content. This analysis of economic power and purchased envera behind different languages, uh, which is completely open. So you can come to the website and studied different realizations, updated data every year they publish a new one, uh, but, uh, there’s no marketing automation, so they just use it to promote their brand, but they don’t ask you.
Kostya: So a few examples how to use to draw people into websites and capture them as needs. A behind the scenes is how it’s happening for the markets in person visit to the website and fills in a form and click on the Gdpr or the cookie concert. This systems, we’ll put a cookie on their browser, on your browser and start pulling profile from social networks and associate with your email address. So the resulting tracker registered every action across email, social media and website visits. And these actions are recorded in the crm and can be fed into, uh, your, uh, or any other third party crm such as salesforce.com as a widow. So the next step, and this is one of the key parts of using inbound market, is that once you have hundreds of leads, a, you need a way to sort that content. And the best way to do that is to score those leads, to prioritize the ones that need immediate action.
Renato: Uh, and, and this priorities could be whatever you decide if you can organize them by services, by size of company or a language pair, whatever criteria you want to use. So for an example, if somebody opens and spends time on three or four pages in your website, that’s an indication that there is an intention to buy a on the other side. If somebody is not active and doesn’t show up to your website for three months, this can, you can downgrade their score because they’re not really engaged. So the higher the scores, uh, the, the, the, the lead gets the, you can automate this process and generate push notifications for salespeople to pick up the phone and call the prospect when they’re ready to buy. In my personal experience, I have, uh, worked with the system when we scored leads from one to 100 a. We used to give more points, like 10 or 20 points for a webinars.
Renato: So the fact that you are attending this webinar gives you a higher score than somebody who just follow us, follows us on twitter. Uh, if you follow our podcast, you have a higher engagement than a person who just reads a, an occasional article in our website. So when clients reach a certain score and let’s say 65 or 70, they are ready to engage so you can move in the other direction. So you can associate workflows with all these things. You don’t need to do them all the time ending on the software. This, this workflows can start, uh, for many triggers. You can decide to send a second email that the example that costs showed earlier from smart thing with drip campaigns, uh, if, if, if nobody bought opened, if the person didn’t open the first email, you can automatically send another one after 24, 48 hours.
Renato: If they don’t open the second, you can create a notification to a salesperson to give them a call to see if they’re interested. So, uh, you can time and create rules for a, to reengage with people if they disappear after three months or things like that. I always like to tell the story that I used to do a workshop or sales management workshop workshop for Translation Company Owners and, uh, I use constant contact to sell, sent my megan guests and overtime I identified a pattern of behavior. If somebody clicked on the email link three times, at least three times, they would register to my workshop. So in the past when I came to, uh, an opportunity that I saw someone that had clicked 10 times in, in, in, in that email that I sent to them and they didn’t register and just picked up the phone, called the person understood that there were some issues there and I was able to convince them to come to the workshop later on. So, um, you don’t have to be a genius or a programmer to work with inbound messages. Uh, the next slide shows a talks about this concept of builders and builders and templates. These are tools that all these systems have that, uh, make it easier for marketers that don’t want to design pages in html. And they can provide templates that make it very easy to create emails and even web pages for registration and a challenges like that.
Renato: It was best to use. The builders wore beige is quickly going transactional, for example, maybe Atlantic based. So you can build templates. It really, really easy to build a very complex patient. Absolutely. Yes. No, it’s a very good point. So finally, uh, this top marketing automation systems also have a lot of software that is integrated into them. So you don’t need to just work with the basic email approach. Uh, you will have integrations that allow you to use videos after a certain time. We insert a promotional messages, um, provide emails to them and there are integrations also that a feed your webinar register and is directly into the crm, which is what we’re doing here with you. So cost. What else is there just because of the size to those systems, unless the company goes prepared many, many stones, first of all, for a medium sized company that doesn’t have a budget of this system from scratch.
Kostya: So you have to invest a year in some extreme cases that context. Then you have to be $30 and you could cost every year because you so, uh, unless you ready for this permit and if something goes wrong, a lot of money is wasted. Second, when you use the school’s pretty straightforward and simple to use, uh, for people who do not have technical expertise. But once you want to do something customized way, then you might run into limitations. One of the limitations I have discovered is that if you use this pages, for example, or system, they host those wages and their own service and any search, wait from the key words that goes to this, uh, to this installation. So next time, uh, if you want to switch the system or cancel your subscription, you lose all that. And finally, I would say one advantage they have is some flexibility when you decide to go with their API is companies have a very good support from the first level of developer support. Uh, it wouldn’t be easy to connect to hubspot or ghetto and get help on your integration forums and probably take some time. So nice before you commit to this. One way, uh, to do a one point to go about this is to take some time to prepare and to use some of the tools that are in inexpensive or free.
Renato: Well, um, some of the recommendations that we would start getting to the end of the, of the presentation and we want to share some ideas with you. One of the key tools for marketers is the use of personas, but there is no need for you to spend a lot of money trying to build this. Uh, the, the, the value of the personas is that, uh, you communicate to create messages that will attract people with a certain needs. So we first sent it to salespeople. What, what types of questions they need to ask for writers, what type of content they need to produce for prospectors, where you can find them in, what are the job titles of the people that you want to sell to. And for advertising people, what are the keywords that they, they are looking for. So you build different personas. Who are the people who are buying from your organization?
Renato: Another way of calling this in a traditional sales, we call this profiling. Uh, so, uh, the marketing companies have already developed lots of these profiles and, uh, it’s, that’s part of their methodology. So the best use of, of this persona exercises for you to define what are the profiles of the buyers of your company and identify what are the obstacles, challenges, pains, and objectives. Uh, always think of the person who’s reading your content and write it to them. You can do an exercise with your team, uh, and, and try to design a profile of your existing costumers. Your project managers are great at understanding, uh, what is the age profile titles, a family, a background of, of your key clients because they are in constant communication with them. Uh, this is a great ammunition for the salespeople when it comes to negotiation. And, uh, it’s very important for the project managers once you are onboarding new clients to be able to understand what are the criteria that they use and why they’re buying from you.
Kostya: And my recommendation would be to make sure that the system that you’re using eighth grade together, very often companies developed with crm or some way to track the customer’s need for the system. So you might have a salesforce drive or track your customers. Then you said that your marketing system, you might see people coming to their existing customers, so avoided this, make sure that your marketing system, the sales system, and the production that you have, the transparency all the way, uh, in practice companies do this, a custom systems custom Erp proprietary, uh, and uh, I don’t think there is a solution from a tool like this, but this unified and integrated.
Kostya: And again, uh, the best way to go about inbound marketing is to ease into it perfectly develop contents, trying which works, which doesn’t before you could make a bigger comprehensive system with tracking builders workflows that you can try out expensive size for emailing some of the systems. Uh, for example, a sharpspring fusionsoft pretty powerful for a small business. Uh, it used to be able, we have a bus, a lot of startups in this market. They have the device, the functionality for a so this you mind grades, and if it doesn’t work the process, then just we’re getting to the end. Then you might be asking yourself, why are we talking about inbound marketing so much? Isn’t this a time of sleep? What everybody’s concerned about privacy and sandwiches like that? Well, inbound is the way to go and to be compliant with Gdpr because you’re bringing people to you.
Renato: You’re not going after them. You’re attracting them to give you permission to keep communicating with them. So for inbound marketing, don’t think only about blogs. This is a very common mistake, in fact, trying to create news, not just content, trying to create shareable content and here are some things that you can try. You can do in person events where you attract people to see an attraction or to share some important information or just to get together and, uh, share some food. Webinars with a high status or unique people. Interactive content like tests, templates. We have, uh, the means, the ICU is, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a good example of a little test that you can use to attract people to live their information with you. Um, you can also address a new difficult topic that, um, the, the, the world as a whole is talking about and try to bring it to your personal experience, to your industry, to the experience of your company.
Renato: How to guides are also excellent. And one of the tools that I love, I, I really find this tool in vanderbilt is the hubspot blog topic generator. It’s a free tool. This helps you when you don’t seem to have any ideas on what to write. Just plug in a few words and it will give you suggestions of titles for content that you can create. So if a, to summarize everything here, uh, I would say number one, develop personas in processes. Know who you’re selling to, know who you want to communicate and who you want to attract to your company. Make sure your content speaks to the right audience. Know what is interesting to that. Build a network, the the, the network effect effect is a multiplier effect. The more and the better flow followers that you have, the wider is your reach and the best systems are those.
Renato: Does that keep all the information in place? Don’t try to own everything. Keep it simple, centralized information as much as you can. Yes, go ahead. Customer. The last thing, you don’t have to. Inbound marketing. Maybe a sales is enough for your organization if you don’t to spend 30, 40, 50 cells, but it’s important to understand the topic of inbound marketing because there are thousands of businesses people and you can sell to them. You can, okay. We know how you use. What kind of content do you need? We can make a in multiple languages, multilingual, maybe created from scratch, translate even integrating tools so that you make. So inbound marketing can be for you to market, but it also can use to engage our well. Wonderful. Thank you so much to Casa and remembered the power of small. Uh, you don’t need to do anything huge sometimes. All you need is to attract three, four, five, 10 customers. You don’t need to be like a big multinational company that tries to reach 100,000 people to attract clients. Think of the power of small when you’re doing your inbound marketing. Sandra, this is our show for today onto you.
Sandra: Thank you very much for not doing, for that presentation. Now we’ll, we’ll be taking a couple of questions from the audience. And so I guess the first question that we have here, guys is how long will it take for me to see an Roi?
Renato: I’m
Renato: Sandra. Let me take that one. I think that that’s a very common question, especially when it comes to marketing. I think one of the oldest, uh, quotes in the marketing space is the famous John wanamaker. A half of my budget in marketing is wasted. I just don’t know which, what a new marketing tools have created is the ability to measure all the results of the things that you are a building and creating with inbound marketing. Um, I don’t like to, to think in terms of Roi because if you look at the numbers that we’re talking about here and costs, the shared some of them, how much some of these cheap tools cost. We’re talking about very, very small numbers, things that, a couple of projects, a couple of translation projects could pay for. So a start, don’t worry too much. My recommendation would be don’t worry too much about Roi in the short term.
Renato: Look at this as a practice that you need to, uh, bring into your organization. Look at this as a good practice is like you have to, to buy toilet paper for your office, you have to do inbound marketing and uh, and, and don’t worry. So the Roi will be there if you do it right. Uh, my strong recommendation is a start thinking of how to improve the metrics that you start gathering and the metrics will guide you in how to improve your, uh, the delivery and your content and the Roi will come. Don’t worry about it. Constantly have any comments about that for a sales team. And they’re very competitive. So unless you do a really bring your clients, empower your sales team with a trickle effect, it’s going excellent in facebook from Alexander. And the question is, okay, um, we talked about personas here, uh, the, the, the buyer persona from a single language for a single language vendor in a vendor is a vendor manager.
Renato: So you need to understand what is the profile of a vendor manager, how, uh, what is the role inside the organization, how they behave, what are the challenges that they have, and you have to speak to their issues. You have to develop content that is relevant to vendor managers and project managers, the people that deal with you, another, a lineman of content that would be interesting. It has to do with when you were a single language vendor, you’re essentially the representative and the expert in your language. So talk about your language, talk about the challenges that exist in a localizing into your language in different verticals. So you’re an slv specializing in mechanical industry. So what are the top brands that are localized into your country, um, or, or anything related to the value of your, uh, language of your area of expertise and combined that in a language that is interesting to a vendor manager and what is a vendor manager interested in.
Renato: They’re interested in a longterm relationships with their vendors. They’re interested in ways to improve productivity by reducing costs. And if you, if you’re right to them, you are going to be doing, you’re writing your, you’re connecting with the right persona and say, I’m saying writing, but this could be through videos, it could be through a any type of content that you decide to create for that. But yeah, go ahead. A cost, uh, I would say the mov mov is a new needs all the time, right? So they used the new translations than they needed and they needed a sub specific languages like smaller than, which is a this day they need audio engineers, engineers. So if you’re a translation company, France, French, French, French is a catch there. It also speaks to the challenge of the vendor manager, which is a language issue, or in France, perhaps you should, you vocalize and congratulate if you’re selling.
Renato: Um, and we have another question. This one is for inbound market and he goes, what kind of team do you need to run an inbound marketing? You need the person who has a mind for content who can understand what’s really difficult, finding information of some information that no one has to be a person who can really say some new development. So that’s one part. And the second team is the digital programmatic Google tag manager of different systems who can help with the html connected systems. Programmatic workflows can be the person who understands, for example, of how to modify your own custom tracking. One person for content is essential. Perhaps one person is essential for the programmatic market. Uh, and lsps often a fire event managers, customer service and organizing skills, uh, to run their own events present themselves very well.
Kostya: So this will be the three profiles necessary. I would argue that, uh, sometimes you’re too small and you can’t afford to have more staff. Working with agencies is a good way to go. However, keeping in mind that you are still responsible for identifying the personas and creating the profiles because the, the final user, the, the, the, the writer from the agency know how to be an expert in our space. You are the expert in our space. You can use their services, but it needs to be. Your voice needs to be your content, at least the general view of the content. You can go to Hubspot, a blog title creator, create a bunch of titles and go out and outsource the writing of that content. It’s something that’s totally feasible so you have this way you can do it in house with a small team a or you can outsource it and work with agencies so that. Or a combination of both, which has been my experience in the center. Do we have any more? We, I
Sandra: think we have done for one more and I think that the last one is will I need a whole new website?
Renato: No,
Renato: and I think it’s a perfect way for us to close our conversation. You don’t need any websites website to just use a, your own website and make it a inbound friendly, uh, and, and, and make it easy to track where your clients visit you. And today the majority of companies whose either wordpress or Drupal, this, this platforms have a lot of features that will allow you to do this job well. So you don’t need to change our website. In fact, I would claim in my experience websites don’t sell. They, they, they help you promote. Just, you just don’t need to have a website that looks like it was done in 1997. Makes it look fresh, made it make, make it look the new and you’re fine.
Sandra: Excellent. Any other extra comments?
Kostya: You might go to the website. It’s important to have the content of triggers around the content, but perhaps you can execute all that while staying in the community of your clients. So I would avoid a new website landing pages. Unless you have a big Seo content can exist on Linkedin, maybe you get more views, more readership follows to article on Linkedin and then conversion mechanism than by having A. I’m seeing who comes first rather than this website.
Sandra: Excellent. That will be all the questions if you want to have, but basically feel free to leave any other questions and we’ll get back to you and if you also would like to have any help from us in your marketing or sales strategies, contact us and we will be happy to chat about or consultancy packages. Remember his name for our next Webinar on the 27th of June about subscales for pms. Right. We’ll look forward to have you there. That’s a wrap everybody. Thank you very much. And now go for your next meeting. Thank you. Bye.

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