Founded: 2007
Updated: 31 / 07 / 2019

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Use-case supporteddoneConference callhelp_outline
doneEvent with unlimited number of participants
doneVirtual meetings
End PointdoneDesktop browser
Interpreter provided bydoneDo not provide interpreters
Input formatsdoneHeadphones with boom mic
doneLaptop mic
doneSmartphone mic
SecuritydoneChannel encryption (256bit)
Interpreter accessdoneDesktop browser

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Internet connection: Bandwidth requirements are modest, but do vary depending upon role and which features are in use: Voice-only requires just 100 kbps (that’s 0.1 Mbps) in both directions. Web sharing and/or webcams needs 500 - 1000 kbps (0.5 - 1 Mbps.)

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ZipDX is an audio conferencing tool that also includes a feature for remote over-the-phone simultaneous interpretation services (OPI).


The service can be used for as few as two people conversing in two languages via a single interpreter, or hundreds of participants and multiple interpreters, with several languages seamlessly being managed. The platform potentially allows for up to 48 different languages on one call.


Participants primarily join conference calls by phone but can also join via web browser. Interpreters access the platform via Chrome and a headset with a boom mic.


ZipDX also has a video and a web-share option that allows speakers to present slides or share their screens. This makes the platform suitable for various types of virtual meetings, including lectures. However, the main focus is on audio conferencing.


ZipDx web sharing supports live sharing of a computer screen or slides. It also supports the presentation of slides translated into the languages involved in the conference.


ZipDX conferences can be recorded. When a multilingual conference is recorded, a separate MP3 file is created for the floor and each language channel. If web sharing is enabled, the shared visuals are also captured. Conferences can also be transcribed.

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Prices vary depending on: number of minutes connected, number of connections, number of languages, number of interpreters and other variables. 


The cost of a multilingual call can be estimated here:

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Features for individual clientsdoneRecordings