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Founded: 2014
Updated: 03 / 04 / 2020

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VoiceBoxer is a web presentation and webinar platform built specifically for multilingual access through live simultaneous interpretation.

VoiceBoxer focuses on three primary use-cases: onsite meetings, video conferences, and webinars and web presentations. It is a hybrid solution in that the interpreters and the conference participants can both either be onsite or offsite. For example, if a client organizes an onsite conference but some participants cannot physically be there, they can still connect via the remote platform. The platform does not only allow access to the various interpretation channels but also transmits the speakers’ presentations, translated as appropriate to the selected language channel. The interpreters have access to the translated slides as well.

Clients can make use of VoiceBoxer’s own internal pool of interpreters who use their own interpreters, who will then be trained to use the VoiceBoxer platform.

The VoiceBoxer interface is customizable. Users typically see the active speaker and the slides, but can also opt for video only, audio-only (with or without slides).  In addition, for web conferencing, users can share their screens or show videos.

The platform comes with a text chat function that allows for general chat between users, private chat between presenters, and chat for Q&A sessions. The general chat and the Q&A chat are neural machine translation (NMT) supported, so users can still communicate in their native languages.

VoiceBoxer allows its clients to create and manage their own events via the VoiceBoxer platform. Alternatively, clients can utilize the VoiceBoxer team to set up events for them.

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