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account_balanceFounded: 2020

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What use-case am I looking for?

doneConference call (participants remote)help_outline
doneConference room (participants in one room)help_outline
doneEvent with unlimited number of participants
doneVirtual interpreting classroom

What type of interpreting do I need?

doneRemote interpreter training classroom
doneRemote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)

video_call Meetings and event management features

Do I need to hold a meeting on this platform?

doneNo, I want it to function as a virtual booth alongside the platform of my choicehelp_outline

How many meeting participants can join?


What billing options are available?

donePer-event based payment

In how many languages is the interface localized?

done1-2 languages

How long can a meeting be on this platform?


What in-meeting features are available?

doneRecording of floor
doneScreen sharing

language Interpretation features

How do I want to receive the interpretation?

doneAndroid app
doneiOS app
doneLink in a browser

How is the interpretation sound inputted?

doneComputer microphone
doneHeadphones with boom mic
doneSound board
doneStandalone desktop microphone

How does the interpreter access the tool?

doneLink in a browser
doneOnline dashboard

Interpreter provided by

doneInternal database
doneLSP Partners

Interpreter console features

doneAudio mixer for different sound channels
doneChat with technician
doneInterpreters can see each other without being seen by the participants
doneInterpreters can speak to each other without being heard by the participants
doneMute button
doneRelay function
doneSeparate interpreter chat

Number of languages supported for interpreting


g_translate Interpreter management system

fingerprint Security and standards

What are the security features?

doneATO (Authorization to Operate)
doneChannel encryption (128bit)
doneEncrypted virtual meeting link
doneGDPR compliant
doneInterpreters sign NDA

Where are the servers located?

doneEuropean Union
doneRest of Europe

hearing Platform accessibility features

import_export Connectivity information

Required internet connection:

Works on 3G mobile data. min speed requirement = 64 kB/s

Upload Speed/Latency:

Latency: 0-300 ms

important_devices Integrations

With video conferencing platforms

doneDoes not integrate but functions as a virtual booth alongside any platform
doneMicrosoft Teams

With virtual event organizers

doneDoes not integrate but functions as a virtual booth alongside any platform

What type of integration is used?

doneAdd-on store