Translit RSI



Founded: 2020
Updated: 26 / 10 / 2022

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Internet connection: Works on 3G mobile data. min speed requirement = 64 kB/s
Upload Speed/Latency: Latency: 0-300 ms

info_outline About

In 2009, Translit began with a simple mission – break the language barrier, so people worldwide can connect and communicate effectively.

After a decade of our contribution to this industry, we envisioned expanding our offerings and filling some necessary gaps. Consequently, we launched Translit marketplace, CPD-accredited Translit PRO, and Translit RSI over the next two years.

Translit RSI is an Irish-based remote simultaneous interpreting platform and virtual interpreter training classroom.

local_atm Pricing

Subscription-based payment

Per-event based payment

Per-minute payment

Per-hour payment

g_translate Features

Features for individual clientsdoneRecordings
Interpreter console featuresdoneChangeover
doneChat with technician
doneInterpreters can see each other
doneMute button
doneRelay function
doneSeparate interpreter chat

record_voice_over Integrations

Webconferencing toolsdoneAny platform
doneMicrosoft Teams
Type of integrationdoneAdd-on store