RSI Exchange



Founded: 2020
Updated: 12 / 04 / 2022

vpn_lock Connection Info

Internet connection: 60 – 80 kbps to enjoy VoiP interpretation audio
Upload Speed/Latency: Latency between the host and the co-host: 200 ms to 600 ms

info_outline About

RSI exchange is a remote simultaneous interpreting platform founded by Alexandre Ponomarev and Dmitri Zaitsev.

It enables users to book their own multilingual conferences, scalable to any size.


The RSI X app is an extension of the RSI Exchange platform that enables users to receive live simultaneous interpretation during online video conferences as well as hybrid and physical events on their smartphones in any language available and anywhere in the world.

The app supports an unlimited number of users and delivers a crisp ISO 20108:2017 compliant audio with little to no latency and low bandwidth requirement.

The app is extremely straightforward and easy to use. By entering a unique four digit access code or scanning a QR-code the audience can benefit from live simultaneous interpretation and choose any official language of the conference.

g_translate Features

Interpreter console featuresdoneInterpreters can see each other
doneRelay function