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languageWebsite: https://www.oyraa.com/

account_balanceFounded: 2016

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What use-case am I looking for?doneSmartphone call
doneVideo call

video_call Meetings and event management features

What are the in-built interpreter management capabilities?doneLive interpreter availability
doneSchedule interpreter for onsite
doneSchedule interpreter in advance

language Interpretation features

How do I want to receive the interpretation?doneAndroid app
doneiOS app
How does the interpreter access the tool?doneAndroid app
doneiOS app
Interpreter provided bydoneMarketplacehelp_outline

g_translate Interpreter management system

What are the IMS features?doneAppoint interpreter based on distance-to-location
doneAppoint interpreter based on subject matter

fingerprint Security and standards

hearing Platform accessibility features

important_devices Integrations

switch_video Videos

image Screenshots

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