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Founded: 2016
Updated: 20 / 06 / 2022

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Use-case supporteddoneCall via a mobile app
doneConference callhelp_outline
doneConference roomhelp_outline
doneVideo call
doneVirtual meetings
Interpreter provided bydoneInternal database
Input formatsdoneHeadphones with boom mic
doneLaptop mic
doneSmartphone mic

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What is OUispeak?

OUispeak is a remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) platform that can be used for your virtual multilingual meetings.

It combines RSI technology with a large databse of interpreters to meet your language needs.


What is OUispeak’s mission?

The mission of OUispeak is to transform global communication and connect the world through the power of human interaction and innovation.

With more expert interpreters and advanced technology, OUispeak is creating a digital interpretation ecosystem, making products more accessible and affordable.

We want to be a global leader in the world of interpretation, and that is the future we envision.


Who is it best for?

Multlingual business meetings

Large virtual events

Press conferences




Where can OUispeak be used?

g_translate Features

Interpreter console featuresdoneInterpreters can see each other
doneSeparate interpreter chat