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Founded: 2017
Updated: 27 / 01 / 2020

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Internet connection: To listen: minimum of 32 kbps (recommended 64 kbps) To watch: minimum of 160 kbps (recommended 1 mbps) On mobile: 4G and LTE work well for up to 6 concurrent streams (depending on service provider)
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KUDO is a cloud-based solution for online and onsite conference services, in multiple languages. The platform can support three thousand listeners per language, and an unlimited amount of languages. KUDO recently also added a number of sign languages to their portfolio. If selected, a video with a professional sign language interpreter pops up on the screen.


KUDO can be used for web conferencing, live events, and in meeting rooms. Speakers can seamlessly switch between languages, even when sitting next to each other in the same meeting room. The solution can also be used for decentralized meetings, when speakers, attendees, and interpreters are not in the same location.


Users can access the KUDO platform via web browser, smartphone, or tablet and select their preferred language for both audio and console. KUDO’s interpreters then provide remote simultaneous interpreting throughout the meeting, conference, or live event.


KUDO’s clients can further use the embedded widget functionality to host meetings in multiple languages on their own website.


KUDO has a number of added features, such as document sharing, voting capability, messaging, live captioning, transcription, and reporting. The platform further offers AI assisted interpreting by providing keywords, specialized vocabulary and statistics to the interpreters.


KUDO can be integrated with other web conferencing platforms and has, for example, been integrated with Microsoft Teams.

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Monthly subscription.

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Features for conference organizersdoneSuitable for silent meetings
Features for individual clientsdoneLive captioning
Features for LSPsdoneInterpreters on demand
doneSchedule interpreter in advance
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