Founded: 2018
Updated: 12 / 07 / 2022

info_outline About

Jeenie is a mobile platform that connects you to a video or audio call with a live interpreter for on-demand language assistance 24/7.

Our gig-economy model ensures that customers can access our community of virtual interpreters with the press of a button, in less than a minute and directly from their mobile device.

Our interpreters are standing by to help with face-to-face communication where language is a barrier, and our 3-way calling feature allows you to call someone who speaks a different language with an interpreter on the line.

With the Jeenie app, healthcare providers can communicate more effectively with their Limited English Proficiency and Deaf patients, the Deaf community can access on-demand interpreting for day-to-day needs, businesses can conduct trade with clients in different cultures, and travelers have the security of 24/7 contact with someone who speaks their language, wherever they go.


It is best used in:

Healthcare settings


Sign language interpreting

International travel

Legal services



g_translate Features

Features for conference organizersdoneEvent analytics
Features for individual clientsdoneSign language interpreting
Features for LSPsdoneInterpreter availability (live)
doneInterpreters on demand
doneSchedule interpreter in advance
Interpreter Management SystemsdoneGenerate invoices
doneManage interpreter employment
donePay interpreter
doneQuality tested
Interpreter console featuresdoneInterpreter is visible to the participants
doneInterpreters can see each other

record_voice_over Integrations

Webconferencing toolsdoneGoogle Meet
doneMicrosoft Teams
PayrolldoneOwn invoicing system