Founded: 2016
Updated: 12 / 04 / 2022

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info_outline About

InterpreteX is a Japanese,  cloud-based remote simultaneous interpreting platform founded by John Shin from Abelon Co. Ltd.

Audiences can listen to simultaneous interpretation from their smartphones and tablets without an app.

Interpreters can benefit from the ‘virtual booth’ experience, whereby they can see their partner.

The sound quality is excellent at 32kbps.


local_atm Pricing

Postpay only for what you use.
interpreteX is a pay-as-you-go system where you pay only for what you use completely. There are no fixed costs such as subscriptions.


Billing will be in minutes

Audience: 1 minute = 2 yen (60 minutes 120 yen)

Interpreter:  1 minute = 10 yen (60 minutes 600 yen)

Distributor: 1 minute = 10 yen  (60 minutes 600 yen)

g_translate Features

Features for conference organizersdoneMultilingual transcripts
Features for individual clientsdoneLive captioning
Interpreter console featuresdoneChangeover
doneInterpreters can see each other
doneSeparate interpreter chat

record_voice_over Integrations

Machine InterpretingdoneGoogle
Automated transcription (Speech to text)doneGoogle