Founded: 2014
Updated: 12 / 07 / 2018

error_outline Summary

Use-case supporteddoneConference call
doneConference room
doneGuided tours
doneInterpreter management system
End PointdoneAndroid app
doneDesktop browser
doneiOS app
Interpreter provided bydoneInternal database
Input formatsdoneLaptop mic
doneSmartphone mic
doneSound board
SecuritydoneChannel encryption (128bit)
Interpreter accessdoneDesktop browser

vpn_lock Connection Info

Internet connection: 2 Mbps (reccommended for interpreter) & 0.5 Mbps ( recommended for user)
Upload Speed/Latency: 50 ms

subject Videos

info_outline About

Interprefy provides a premium cloud-based platform for video interpreting of conferences, workshops, and similar events.

image Screenshots

Interprefy screenshot Interprefy screenshot Interprefy screenshot Interprefy screenshot

local_atm Pricing

Services are charged on a per-event basis.

g_translate Features

Features for LSPsdoneSchedule interpreter for onsite
doneSchedule interpreter in advance
Interpreter Management SystemsdoneSpeed test