Founded: 2015
Updated: 28 / 11 / 2019

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Interactio provides onsite and remote simultaneous interpreting solutions for live events, such as conferences and corporate meetings, as well as poster sessions, guided tours, sports events, and trade shows. The solution removes the need for any kind of interpreting equipment and allows for an unlimited number of listeners and languages.


Interactio can be used via a mobile app or via the web version. Conference attendees can listen to the interprets on their smartphones, laptop or tablet. Interpreters access the platform via the web version. Features for interpreters include a dark console, as per the new ISO standard for remote interpreting, and a chat function that allows them to communicate with their booth mates.


Additional features for clients include recording options, human-powered real-time transcription, live statistics and feedback from attendees.


Interactio’s software can be customized. Companies can, for example, add their logo, brand name and the name of the event. Or they can hand out branded material like chargers or extra headphones.

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Pricing depends on the number of listeners, events, and frequency.

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Features for conference organizersdoneSuitable for silent meetings
Features for individual clientsdoneLive transcription
Features for LSPsdoneSchedule interpreter for onsite
doneSchedule interpreter in advance
BrandabledoneIncorporate brand guidelines
doneIncorporate brand logo