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Updated: 11 / 11 / 2019

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GTCOM is a language service provider and technology company, that offers two hardware machine interpreting solutions for different use-cases.


LanguageBox is a smart box solution, for use at any kind of international business conference. It offers instant speech-to-text translation and currently covers 10 languages, although more can be added upon request. LanguageBox can be used for bilingual or multilingual settings, as the screen can display several translation outputs at the same time. The technology can be used at large conferences or in face-to-face conversations. LanguageBox also has a subtitling function that works with any kind of audio-visual input, e.g. YouTube videos. LanguageBox can be used on PCs, laptops, or smartphones.


JoveTrans Mix is a smart simultaneous interpretation headset. Users need to download the JoveTrans app and then connect their smartphones to JoveTrans Mix via Bluetooth. The headset comes with two earphones and a translation stick. In a conversation, both speakers speak into the stick and then one receives the translated voice output via the stick and one via the earphones. The solution currently cover more than 30 languages. In addition to speech-to-speech translation, the earphones can also be used to listen to music and answer calls. JoveTrans can be used for traveling as well as for business setting, such as in training sessions and workshops.


Both technologies can be customized. Users can add their own termbase for more accurate results when it comes to brand names, domains, and technical terminology.


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Pricing depends on the enterprise and scope. To find out more, reach out to Jerry at [email protected] 

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Features for individual clientsdoneLive transcription
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