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Founded: 2020
Updated: 12 / 04 / 2022

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Green Terp Technologies: virtual booth solution for RSI

What is Green Terp Technologies?

Green Terp Technologies was founded in 2020, right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, in response to the rising demand for remote simultaneous interpreting. Its latest virtual booth brings a new type of RSI technology onto the block.

It is positioned as a pure SaaS technology provider, and doesn’t hire interpreters directly or indirectly.



Within 4 months of its establishment, its first product GT Edu was awarded the Grand Prize in the global RSI platform contest by CIUTI –  the world’s oldest and most prestigious international association of university institutes with translation and interpretation – for filling the RSI interpreter training gap.

GT Pro

In June 2021, it launched the first visual booth on an RSI platform – GT Pro, a pioneer of visual booth technology.

GT Booth

In Oct 2021, a new product, GT Booth, was launched, which completely removed the meeting functionality. It is a visual, virtual booth for interpreters to use with any meeting or event platform side by side, allowing them to see, hear and collaborate with each other, all in one computer with one headset and/or mic.

Green Terp Extension

In Jan 2022, the patent-pending Green Terp Extension was added to the audience solution portfolio, enabling GT to be a complete, friendly and convenient solution to all the participants listening to interpretation.


Green Terp has achieved significant organic growth in the first year, and is looking to expand the team and continue to grow with its innovative and disruptive solutions to the RSI industry.



Who is it best for?

interpreters, consultant interpreters, translation agencies, traditional SI equipment providers looking for pivoting chances, event organisers, PR agencies, end clients



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How much does Green Terp Technologies cost?

Subscription based SaaS plans for interpreters, SMEs, and large corporates.

Customised pricing for large one-off events.

Cost savings possible thanks to Green Terp’s innovative technologies which can reduce the need for human operators and project management staff.

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