Updated: 27 / 07 / 2020

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Internet connection: Minimum of 2 Mbps upstream/downstream recommended
Upload Speed/Latency: 5 Mbps Latency >150ms is recommended

info_outline About

GLOBO’s unified platform, GLOBO HQ, enables organizations to order, manage, and track language services through one single platform. Highlights of the solution include enterprise-wide data transparency and real-time reporting. Organizations can schedule appointments and route calls to both internal resources and/or GLOBO’s pool of linguists.


In addition to interpreter scheduling and management, clients can use GLOBO HQ for both over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI). For both types of calls, interpreters can be scheduled in advance or be available on-demand.


GLOBO’s solution is designed with enterprise customers, large-scale healthcare organizations, and language services providers in mind who are looking to expand their service offerings via unified technology. 

g_translate Features

Features for conference organizersdoneSubtitling
Features for individual clientsdoneRecordings
doneTranslation quotes
Features for LSPsdoneInterpreter availability (live)
doneInterpreters on demand
doneSchedule interpreter for onsite
doneSchedule interpreter in advance
Interpreter Management SystemsdoneGenerate invoices
donePay interpreter
donePre-call data
doneQuality tested
doneSpeed test
doneSubject matter
BrandabledoneIncorporate brand guidelines
doneIncorporate brand logo

record_voice_over Integrations

Webconferencing toolsdoneZoom