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languageWebsite: http://gofluently.com/

account_balanceFounded: 2005

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What use-case am I looking for?

doneInterpreter management system

video_call Meetings and event management features

What white-labeling features are available?

doneIncorporate brand guidelines
doneIncorporate brand logo

What are the in-built interpreter management capabilities?

doneAutomated Scheduling
doneSchedule interpreter for onsite
doneSchedule interpreter in advance

language Interpretation features

How does the interpreter access the tool?

doneAndroid app
doneiOS app
doneLink in a browser

Interpreter provided by

doneDo not provide interpreters

g_translate Interpreter management system

What are the IMS features?

doneAppoint interpreter based on distance-to-location
doneAppoint interpreter based on subject matter
doneBuilt in CRM to manage customers
doneGenerate invoices
doneManage interpreter employment
donePay interpreter

fingerprint Security and standards

What are the security features?

doneChannel encryption (256bit)
doneHIPAA compliant

hearing Platform accessibility features

important_devices Integrations

With payroll software


switch_video Videos