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Founded: 2018
Updated: 16 / 12 / 2021

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Akkadu is a pay-as-you-go tech platform for meetings with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) and/or automated multilingual captions.


Akkadu offers a simple web-based solution Language Service Providers as well as enterprise clients can use anytime to:

  1. Create events for their clients or internal staff for online, onsite & hybrid scenarios.
  2. Generate the event’s URL link & QR code for their clients’ audience.
  3. Match their own interpreters
  4. Live-stream the audio/video.
  5. Enable multilingual captions at the click of a button.


For online scenarios, Akkadu can be integrated with any video conferencing platform. For onsite and hybrid scenarios Akkadu offers a simple and convenient solution for LSPs and large corporations.


Akkadu’s technology guarantees high-quality, stable and secure audio/video live-streaming with live simultaneous interpreting, real-time messaging, and live captioning.


Akkadu is NOT a Language Service Provider. The company exclusively focuses on providing interpreting and automated captioning technology.


For more information contact alvaro@akkadu-team.com.

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local_atm Pricing

Audio price:

<100 audience = $29/hour | $99/day

<500 = $49/h | $139/d

<1000 = $69/h | $210/d

>1000  Please contact Akkadu at contact@akkadu-team.com


Audio + Video price:

<100 audience = $69/hour | $209/day

<500 = $109/h | $329/d

<1000 = $159/h | $480/d

>1000  Please contact Akkadu at contact@akkadu-team.com


Packages: (one year limit)

$600 for 500 audience package.

$1000 for 1000 audience package

g_translate Features

Features for conference organizersdoneSubtitling
doneSuitable for silent meetings
Features for individual clientsdoneLive captioning
doneLive transcription
doneSpeech recognition
Features for LSPsdoneAutomated Scheduling
doneSchedule interpreter for onsite
doneSchedule interpreter in advance
BrandabledoneIncorporate brand guidelines
doneIncorporate brand logo

record_voice_over Integrations

Automated transcription (Speech to text)doneMicrosoft
Webconferencing toolsdoneAdobe Connect
doneFacebook Live
doneGoogle Meet
doneMicrosoft Teams
PayrolldoneOwn invoicing system