The VIT Hype

Virtual Interpreting Technology (VIT) is one of the fastest-growing areas in the language industry today.

At the moment, we count 75 virtual interpreting technologies on the market, plus an unknown number of web conferencing tools such as Zoom, Webex meetings, Google Hangouts, Zoho meetings, and Skype.

Number of VIT launches per year

Source: Nimdzi Insights

Out of those 75 virtual interpreting technologies, almost 30 have come onto the market in the last 4 years. 

The reason for this sudden spike is that since the development of web real-time communication software (WebRTC), it has become easy and cheap to include audio and video into browsers. WebRTC has also allowed for the VIT sector to grow. Multilingual communication devices, applications, and platforms are being released onto the market at an increasing rate and in turn, it is increasing competition.

However, this situation is not sustainable. As with all trends, there will be winners and losers and some technologies have already disappeared again. More will follow.

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21 August 2019
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