Understand your Buyer Persona better: the Goals and Challenges of a Head of Localization – Q&A Session

24 January 2021

Q&A With an Expert: Understand your Buyer Persona better

About the Q&A Session

We all have our assumptions around what our buyer personas need. But are those assumptions correct?

A logical step to verify this is to go and interview our top customers. We can ask them questions as if we were a journalist and verify if what we think is right. We can dig deep and ask for the why of things as this will help to obtain real quotes from them - and objections - that we can then use in our marketing messages and sales conversations.

Easier said than done? We hear you! To make your lives easier, we have planned such a questions and answers session for you. 

The session will be held with Sasan Banava, former Head of Globalization at Uber and Localization Program Manager at Google.

Format: you ask YOUR questions

These are some of the things we thought of

  • What are the typical goals and challenges of a head of localization? 
  • How do you get informed about which LSP or technology to choose?
  • Who do you speak with, what do you read, what events do you attend? 
  •  How is it that the provider can help you? What type of messaging do you feel works?
  •  What are the best channels to be approached? 
  •  Do you have examples of a sales approach that worked for you? And that didn't? 
  • What are some counterintuitive sales techniques

And we look forward to hearing what YOUR questions will be for Sasan.

Dates and time:

February, 5 2021
4:30 - 7:00 pm CET | 7:30 - 10:00 am PDT, Virtual

Meet the Expert who knows localization, LSPs and LTPs:

The Q&A Session encourages sales professionals at language service and technology providers to come in with YOUR questions for a real conversation. 

Sasan Banava was the head of Localization & Internationalization at Uber, and started the in-house localization team at the San Francisco headquarters in late 2015. He expanded the team to 20+ program managers over the last few years, after a successful pitch to the previous CEO in early 2016. Previously, he was a localization program manager at Google for 7.5 years and had driven the localization of over 25 product lines in 70+ languages.

Sasan has also been working as a globalization consultant advising investment banks on the state of the localization industry, vendor space, technology and automation.

Sasan is certified from Stanford University in advanced project management and also holds a certificate from Harvard Business School Executive Education in Leadership & Strategy. Sasan holds a BA from UC Berkeley in Near Eastern studies with emphasis on Persian language and spent two years of his academic life studying computer science. He also holds a commercial pilot’s license.

Pricing and Special Offers

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Price for Partner Associations

479.60 USD (20% discount)

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