Referral Selling Workshop

Referral Selling: Ask and You Shall Receive

What makes a meaningful conversation?

Sales is tough, and it won’t get easier anytime soon. The good news is that the whole world is now in the same online space where it is easier to reach decision makers more than ever before. To initiate a meaningful conversation and establish a rapport, you must develop the ability to make yourself “invited” to the conversation and build trust quickly. Warm introductions in form of referrals is the way to establish rapport not only quickly but most importantly with the clients that you really want to work with. 

Did you know that 84% of buyers kick-off their buying process with a referral? Did you know that 9 out of 10 satisfied clients would be happy to provide a referral but only 3 out of 10 sales people ask for introductions?

Workshop details

Workshop objective:

The objective of this workshop is to help you learn how to ask for a referral, to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads only, and ultimately win your dream clients. 

Workshop agenda:

In this workshop we’ll look at questions such as:

  • Why do referrals work? 
  • What gets in the way? 
  • What are the ingredients for successful referral selling?
  • What are the right and wrong ways of asking for referrals?
    We will also be asking for
    referrals in breakout sessions 

Only 5% of companies differentiate themselves by having documented referral sales strategy and developing skills, metrics and accountability for results. Your value proposition is certainly differentiated and unique, why not make the way you sell unique too?

The workshop will be facilitated by Marek Jakúbek, Localization Advisor at Nimdzi Insights who has years of experience in the localization industry and in sales.


Workshops are reasonably priced to accommodate more than one person from your company. Bring up to three colleagues with you when you sign up.

  • Price for a group of 4, non-Nimdzi Partners: 499.50 USD
  • Price for a group of 4, Partner Associations  (20% discount, use the code AssociationPartner when registering)*: 399.60 USD
  • Price for a group of 4, Nimdzi Partners (40% discount, use the code NimdziPartner when registering): 299.70 USD

*Community Partner Associations: TINA, Women in Localization, EAGLS, Elia, AASL, GlobalSaké.

Meet your instructor

Marek Jakúbek

Localization Adviser

Entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, natural talent for bringing people together, and passion for the localization industry push Marek to strive to uncover opportunities for creating value. The door to the localization world was opened for Marek when he finished business administration studies at the University of Economics in Prague and “coincidentally” joined a leading translation technology company. While serving global enterprises in achieving an efficient translation process, he developed not only his salesmanship skills but a problem-solving approach. Being exposed to the language services buyer environment, Marek started to develop an understanding of both common and unique localization challenges that global organizations face. Being a not-know-it-all but dedicated to solve-it-all, Marek believes that asking the right questions and having the right people around can make our increasingly global world a better world.

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