Q&A With A Typical Buyer Persona

Q&A With A Typical Buyer Persona: Monthly Sessions

An integral part of building your buyer personas is that you must run interviews with those typical people that make up the buyer persona. You don’t always necessarily have access to this type of persona yet. For that reason we organize questions and answers sessions for you.

Who these workshops are for

There is a general misconception that buyer personas are useful only for marketing people. We find that they are useful for anyone in a client-facing role. These workshops are intended for:

  • sales and marketing professionals
  • customer success professionals
  • account managers and project managers,
  • solution architects at language service and technology companies

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a rookie in the business, you will walk away with new ideas and fresh insights.

What you can expect from the Q&A

During these 2.5 hours monthly sessions, you will learn what the typical challenges of a certain buyer persona are, and more importantly, you will get the chance to ask them questions. We invite speakers with years of expertise to share their experiences with us. So bring your questions with you.


Bring up to three colleagues with you when you register. We have found that it is beneficial for a company to send a group of attendees to the buyer persona workshops, in order to facilitate a company-wide understanding and agreement on who your buyer persona actually are. Work together and collaborate in groups. The price of a registration allows for a maximum of 4 people from your group:

  • Price for a group of 4, non-Nimdzi Partners: 599.50 USD
  • Price for a group of 4, Partner Associations  (20% discount): 479.60 USD
  • Price for a group of 4, Nimdzi Partners (40% discount): 359.70 USD

Events in this Series

June 2021: Lead Conversion Optimization for Travel Industry

Learn to optimize your leads when talking with buyers in the travel industry from a typical buyer persona, Rahila Brika, who will give insights into what buyers like her are looking for when seeking localization services. 

April 2021. Deciphering the Mind of a Localization Buyer with Julio Leal

There is no right or wrong when selling translation services, but there are certainly some do’s you should try and some don’ts you should avoid at all costs. This Q&A session will guide you through each of them to help your sales teams become more successful in their day-to-day activities.

Feb 2021. The Goals and Challenges of a Head of Localization

We all have our assumptions around what our buyer personas need. But are those assumptions correct? In this Q&A we talked about the challenges of a Head of Localization. See what we covered here.