The Buyer Persona Exercise

The Buyer Persona Exercise – Let’s Build One Together: Monthly Workshops

You know that it’s important that you build buyer personas and you know how. You even ran some interviews with typical buyer personas. But to sit down and actually take the time with your team to develop such personas, that’s another piece of the puzzle. We will facilitate this for you. We organize monthly 6-hours sessions during which we will help you build your own persona, while being coached by experts who speak with these types of people on a very regular basis. In these workshops, you will learn how to create buyer personas to properly address the challenges of your prospects and customers.

Who the workshop is for

There is a general misconception that buyer personas are useful only for marketing people. We find that they are useful for anyone in a client-facing role. This workshop is intended for sales, marketing, customer success and account managers, but also project managers and solution architects at language service and technology companies. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a rookie in the business, you will walk away with new ideas and fresh insights.

What you can expect from the workshop

1.You will be able to define the concepts of Buyer Persona

2.You will be able to apply best practices to develop effective Buyer Personas for your business

3.You will be able to sustain and further develop your Buyer Personas as your businesses grow and evolve.


We have found that it is beneficial for a company to send a group of attendees to the buyer persona workshops, in order to facilitate a company-wide understanding and agreement on who your buyer persona actually are. Our pricing is therefore for groups of 4 people at the time:

  • Price for a group of 4, non-Nimdzi Partners: 999 USD
  • Price for a group of 4, Partner Associations  (20% discount): 799.20 USD
  • Price for a group of 4, Nimdzi Partners (40% discount): 599.40 USD

Dates of the Monthly Events