Buyer Persona Workshops

Marketing Margot isn’t a real person, it’s a summary of who your company should target and focus their efforts on. While a buyer persona is a fictional representation of the customer that you’d like to help, a customer profile enables you to identify which companies you can or cannot help. If you don’t know enough about the people most likely to purchase your services, you won’t be able to attract and engage an audience and convert them into customers. Two of the common ways that marketers and salespeople gain this understanding of their audiences are buyer personas and ideal customer profiles.

The Definition of a Buyer Persona

According to HubSpot, a buyer persona is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Whereas an ideal customer profile is concerned with numbers and categories that can be measured, a buyer persona is more personal and qualitative. It’s less about the hard characteristics of your client company and more about the personal narratives of the people who work there.

To build or maintain your buyer personas is more easily said than done. That is why at Nimdzi Insights we have put together a buyer persona learning program that will help you to learn what a buyer persona is and how to build it. But it doesn’t stop there. As an important part of the buyer persona exercise is that you should run interviews with such types of people, we have decide to facilitate this for you.

If you are a language services or technology company that wants to build, or refine its buyer personas, this learning package is for you.

The package is built in such a way that you and your team can grow along the way, or if you are more experienced, you can pick and choose the sessions you need most. See here what 2021 has in store for you.

The Events in the Buyer Persona Series

How To Develop & Apply Buyer Personas in your Business: Quarterly Workshops

About these workshops

Nimdzi Insights is partnering with THE experts in the field as buyer personas are concerned. These quarterly 2.5 hours workshops will provide you with insights on how to build a buyer persona, imparted by the likes of training specialists at companies such as HubSpot, Amplexor and others. 

The Buyer Persona Exercise - Let's Build One Together: Monthly Workshops

About these workshops

You’ve got it now, you know that it’s important that you build buyer personas and you know how. You even ran some interviews with typical buyer personas. But to sit down and actually take the time with your team to develop such personas, that’s another piece of the puzzle. We will facilitate this for you. We organize monthly 6-hours sessions during which we will help you build your own persona, while being coached by experts who speak with these types of people on a very regular basis.

Q&A With A Typical Buyer Persona: Monthly Sessions

About these sessions

An integral part of building your buyer personas is that you must run interviews with those typical people that make up the buyer persona. You don’t always necessarily have access to this type of persona yet. For that reason we organize questions and answers sessions for you. During these 2.5 hours monthly sessions you will learn what the typical challenges of a certain buyer persona are, and more importantly, you will get the chance to ask them questions.