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Founded: 2002
Updated: 31 / 03 / 2020

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Deployment modelPrivate cloud
donePublic Cloud

power Integrations

MiddlewareClay Tablet
Public Machine translationdoneAmazon Sockeye
Amplexor MT
Capita SmartMATE
Kantan MT
Lionbridge Geofluent
Omniscien MT
OneLiner MT
Business managementPlunet
Term/Memory banksBabelnet
Web & SoftwareAdobe Experience Manager
doneGoogle Sheets
Microsoft Team Foundation Server
SalesForce Commerce Cloud (Demandware)
SDL LiveContent
Subversion (SVN)
Technical documentationDITAworks
OpenText TeamSite
Marketing automationMarketo
Oracle Eloqua
Supported file formatsdone.NET localization formats (.resx .resw)
done.NET Resource files (.resource)
doneAdobe FrameMaker (.mif)
doneAdobe Illustrator (.fxg & .svg)
doneAdobe InDesign (.idml .indb)
doneAdobe InDesign (.indd)
doneAdobe Photoshop (.psd)
doneAndroid apps (.xml)
doneASP.NET (.asp .aspx .ascx)
doneAutoDesk Spatial Data File (.sdf)
doneCode Files (.cs .inc .js .css .jfs .cls .asax .asa .c .cpp .h)
doneDigia QT (.ts)
doneDITA (.dita)
doneDITA map (.ditamap)
doneDocument template (.tpl)
doneGoogle Docs
doneINI Files (.ini .conf .cfg)
doneiOS apps (.strings)
doneJava property files (.properties)
doneJava resources (.jar)
doneJavaScript (.json)
doneMadcap (.xml)
doneMarkdown file (.md)
doneMemoQ (.mqxliff)
doneMicrosoft Office (.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .xlsm .ppt .pptx)
doneMicrosoft Visio (vdx)
doneMicrosoft Visual Studio & C++ resource files (.rc)
doneMultilingual website GetText Portable object (.po .pot)
doneMultilingual XML formats (.xml)
doneOpenOffice (.sxw .odt .ods .odp)
donePDF (.pdf)
doneSalesForce (.stf)
doneSubRip text (srt)
doneSVG (.svg)
doneTrados Studio (.sdlxliff)
doneTranslation memory exchange (.tmx)
doneTypo3 website pages (.xml)
doneWeb pages (.html .htm .xhtml .xht .shtml .shtm)
doneWordfast (.txml .txlf)
doneXLIFF (.xlf)
doneXSL Files (.xsl .xslt)
doneYAML language (.yml .yaml)
doneZip archives (.zip)
Support IntegrationsdoneMindTouch
Oracle Service Cloud RightNow
Salesforce Service Cloud
Other IntegrationsAdobe InDesign
EasyLing (Web Proxy Translation)
Muldrato (DWG translation)

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info_outline About

XTM is an enterprise-grade translation management system with a rich feature set. The parent company XTM International is headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in Poland, the US, Japan, Ireland, and Argentina.


  1. Translation memory, termbases
  2. Web translation editor/workbench
  3. Visual editor for Adobe InDesign and HTML (web-based)
  4. Project management suite with automation rules
  5. Terminology management suite with references and screenshots
  6. Customer portal
  7. REST API and 20+ connectors
  8. Reporting and time-tracking
  9. Automatic quality assurance
  10. Translation quality score evaluation workbench integrated with DQF / MQM

Best suited for

  • Corporate translation and localization departments with complex needs in automation and reporting
  • Medium to large LSPs that want to keep most of their operations in a single CAT tool

Compared to most other Cloud-based TMS, XTM’s feature set is rich. It has a complex workflow builder, analytics, time tracking, quality evaluation integrated with TAUS DQF, multiple connectors and a customer portal. As such, it can require more onboarding time and has a slightly higher cost than competitors, especially in cases where multiple connectors to CMS are involved. XTM competes primarily with SDL Worldserver, Wordbee, and to a smaller extent with Across Language Server, Memsource, and a combination of XTRF/Plunet with memoQ.


XTM was founded by Bob Willans and Andrzej Zydron in 2002, much earlier than other Cloud-based TMS. The system gained momentum in the later years after the broadband internet became widespread. As a vendor-independent technology company, XTM sells both to enterprises and LSPs, with the balance of revenue more towards enterprises. In the LSP segment, XTM targets larger clients, rather than the long tail. In 2017, the company has been estimated to exceed 4 m euros in turnover and reported 16 bn words in volumes processed through the platform. More than 95 people worked in XTM International at the end of 2017.

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XTM Cloud screenshot XTM Cloud screenshot

local_atm Pricing

Translator Pricing

XTM Cloud Group – from €17 per user per month

Team Pricing

Group account – from €32 per user per month

Private Cloud instances for groups of more than 50 users have a €20,000 – 50,000 / year price tag.

g_translate Translator workbench

Editor functionalitydoneConcordance search
doneCustomizable keyboard shortcuts
doneMultiple file chaining into a single editable job
doneMultiple segment filtering optionshelp_outline
doneSearch and replace
doneSource text editinghelp_outline
doneSupports hidden texthelp_outline
doneSupports large files (>1 gb)
doneSupports right-to-left languages
Translation Editor OS supportdoneAndroid editor
doneiOS editor
doneWeb editor
doneWindows offline editor
ProductivitydoneAutomated locking of non-translatables (tags & numbers)help_outline
doneCentralized & real-time translation memory
doneMachine translation integrated
QualitydoneAutomated quality assurance (AutoQA)
doneCustom quality profiles/programshelp_outline
doneIntegration with 3rd-party QAhelp_outline
doneQA check customizationhelp_outline
doneQuality evaluation functionality (LQA)
doneTAUS DQF Integration
doneVoting for the best translationhelp_outline
ContextdoneControl over the length of the target segmenthelp_outline
donePreview for Adobe InDesign
donePreview for HTML
donePreview for MS Excel
donePreview for MS PowerPoint
donePreview for MS Word
donePreview for XML
doneSegments can link to screenshots and reference materials
TerminologydoneForbidden termshelp_outline
doneLinking termshelp_outline
doneLive suggestions from term base
doneMultilingual termshelp_outline
doneQA check for consistency
doneTerm descriptions & images
doneTerm extractionhelp_outline
doneTerm indexing and tagginghelp_outline
CollaborationdoneBuilt-in instant messaging chat
doneComments for segments
doneMulti-user simultaneous work on a single jobhelp_outline
doneTracked changes