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Founded: 2008
Updated: 08 / 07 / 2021

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Wordbee is an advanced Cloud-based translation management system with a developed invoicing & financials functionality. It’s vendor-independent and sells both to enterprise and LSP clients. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg.
Core Features:
  1. Web translation workbench
  2. Project management suite with automation rules
  3. Customer portal
  4. Customizable reports & analytics
  5. Invoicing tool
  6. Translation memory, termbases, automatic quality assurance
  7. Beebox – a middleware solution for connecting CMS, DMS or ECM
Best suited for:
  • Enterprise translation teams to implement advanced localization workflows
  • Language services providers (any)
  • Freelance translators and universities
Founded in 2008 by José Vega and Stephan Böhmig, Wordbee was one of the first native cloud-based TMS. Today it has clients in more than 50 countries worldwide with more than 13.5K unique users in 179 countries. At the end of 2017, there were 30 people working at Wordbee, and by April 2020, around 45 people work at Wordbee.

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local_atm Pricing

Translator Pricing

Freelance Standard Edition – EUR 250 or USD 330 / year
When you just need linguistic tools for your trade

  • CAT editor
  • Linguistic resources, glossaries, translation memory management
  • Financial management, integrated invoicing, business management
  • Client management that integrates with invoicing and jobs you create

Freelance Entrepreneur Edition – EUR 450 or USD 518 / year
Manage your home business and take on multi-translator projects

  • All the CAT tools, linguistic resources, and financial/business management of the standard package
  • 2+ users for small shops or when you need to expand your team to include another person
  • Manage a database of translators and expand your teams temporarily as needed
  • Powerful project management for those big jobs you just can’t turn down
  • Automated workflows and some of the features the biggest companies are using

Team Pricing

Premium pack – EUR 3100 or USD 3400 / year team pricing
For SMBs.
Everything you need to manage translations and linguistic resources for your small or medium sized business.

  • Additional features are available upon request to meet your needs.
  • Translation editor, memory, and machine translation integrations
  • Translation management, assignments, and workflows
  • Business intelligence and financial management

Enterprise pack – special price

For large enterprises and translation providers.
Make the most advanced and complete feature-set yours, and together with Wordbee tailor it to fit your enterprise.

  • Your feature-package is tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Translation editor, memory, machine translation integrations, and MT Hive
  • Advanced translation management, assignments, global search, and workflow automation
  • End-to-end analytics and business intelligence

API Pricing