Founded: 2012
Updated: 23 / 07 / 2018

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translate5 is an open source web-based translation system developed and maintained by Marc Mittag in Germany.

Its primary component is a well-developed web-based translation workbench. It supports visual editing, review, automatic QA, post-editing, and quality evaluation. translate5 doesn’t have own translation memory and instead relies on OpenTM2 server from IBM in the background. In addition, there is an online management suite that supports project management, workflows, terminology, users, and clients.

The system can be hosted by the supporting company Mittag QI, or deployed on the user’s own server.


Best for:

  • Various open-source scenarios
  • Tech-savvy organizations with own development teams
  • LSP/enterprise conglomerates to co-invest into software

Open source is the biggest advantage of translate5. It’s free, it’s fully

Unlike commercial CAT tools, translate5 offers expert technical support.  LSPs and enterprises deploying translate5 would need to have internal CAT-tool specialists to provide first-level training and help to users.


Crowdfunded by 17 companies, top contributors being beo, Supertext, and Lexitech

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Open source
support contract 10 hours a month (training, bug fixing, development) accumulate for a month and invest into a feature