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Founded: 2009
Updated: 08 / 07 / 2021

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error_outline Main Info

Deployment modeldonePublic Cloud

add_circle_outline Additional functionality

LocalizationdoneWebsite translation proxy

power Integrations

Public Machine translationDeepL
doneIBM Watson
Online repositories (hotfolder integrations)Dropbox
Google Drive
Web & SoftwareAdobe Experience Manager
Microsoft SharePoint
Technical documentationDERCOM COTI specification
Supported file formatsdone.NET localization formats (.resx .resw)
doneAdobe FrameMaker (.mif)
doneAdobe Illustrator (.fxg & .svg)
doneAdobe InDesign (.idml .indb)
doneAndroid apps (.xml)
doneASP.NET (.asp .aspx .ascx)
doneDITA (.dita)
doneDITA map (.ditamap)
doneExcel (.xls .xlsx)
doneFreemarker (.xml)
doneiOS apps (.strings)
doneJava property files (.properties)
doneJavaScript (.json)
doneMadcap (.xml)
doneMarkdown file (.md)
doneMicrosoft Office (.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .xlsm .ppt .pptx)
doneMicrosoft Publisher (.pub)
doneMicrosoft Windows text file (.txt)
doneMultilingual website GetText Portable object (.po .pot)
doneMultilingual XML formats (.xml)
doneOpenOffice (.sxw .odt .ods .odp)
doneSubRip text (srt)
doneSubtitles (.sub & .sbv)
doneSVG (.svg)
doneTypo3 website pages (.xml)
doneVideo media formats (.mp4 .avi .wmv .flv .mov)
doneWeb pages (.html .htm .xhtml .xht .shtml .shtm)
doneXLIFF (.xlf)
doneYAML language (.yml .yaml)
Translation ProvidersdoneText United
Support IntegrationsZendesk
Other IntegrationsdoneSlack

info_outline About

Text United is a cloud-based, full-service translation platform that aims to help companies make the translation process fast and smooth, so translations cost less and are ready even faster.



  1. In-Context Website/E-commerce translation
  2. Self Service- decide who will translate (In-house or outsourced)
  3. Simple and intuitive UI
  4. Translation of documents and software
  5. Media transcription and translation 
  6. Online and desktop CAT Tool
  7. Dedicated translators’ portal
  8. Translation Memory and terminology management
  9. Machine translation engine
  10. Build your own translation team
  11. Project management tools
  12. RESTful API and many third-party integrations

Best for

  • Text United services a broad range of customers from startups to enterprises looking to fully automate the translation process for their content, products, and software.


Text United was founded by Marek Piorkowski in 2009 in Vienna, Austria, as a SaaS platform that connects websites, apps and documents with cloud based TMS, proprietary language technologies and a global network of translators.

As of 2019, Text United employed 21 people and continuously enjoys a growth rate above 70%

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Text United screenshot Text United screenshot

local_atm Pricing

Team Pricing

Plans start at 60 euros per month on a yearly payment, and 70 on monthly payment. All plans include unlimited languages, unlimited projects, and unlimited users, plus a 14-day free trial.

g_translate Translator workbench

Editor functionalitydoneConcordance search
doneCustomizable interfacehelp_outline
doneMultiple segment filtering optionshelp_outline
doneSearch and replace
doneSupports hidden texthelp_outline
doneSupports right-to-left languages
Translation Editor OS supportdoneWeb editor
doneWindows offline editor
ProductivitydoneCentralized & real-time translation memory
doneMachine translation integrated
QualitydoneAutomated quality assurance (AutoQA)
doneQA check customizationhelp_outline
ContextdoneControl over the length of the target segmenthelp_outline
donePreview for Adobe InDesign
donePreview for HTML
doneSegments can link to screenshots and reference materials
TerminologydoneForbidden termshelp_outline
doneLive suggestions from term base
doneMultilingual termshelp_outline
doneQA check for consistency
doneTerm descriptions & images
doneTerm extractionhelp_outline
CollaborationdoneComments for segments
doneMulti-user simultaneous work on a single jobhelp_outline

record_voice_over PM workbench

Access (PM)doneWeb app
doneWindows app
ProjectsdoneAutomated project creation and resource allocation
doneDocument version historyhelp_outline
doneInvoice generation
doneJob analysis and price calculation based on TM & MT
doneOverdue job notifications
doneProject status and issues dashboardshelp_outline
donePurchase order generationhelp_outline
doneSplitting one project between several linguists
doneTask manager for an in-house team
doneVendor price lists and cost analyticshelp_outline
WorkflowsdoneSource change detectionhelp_outline
doneWorkflow logic editorhelp_outline
doneWorkflows can launch from an API call
Vendor managementdoneFirst come first served job allocationhelp_outline
doneVendor availability trackinghelp_outline
doneVendor profiles
doneVendors can log in to review past & available work
Customer portaldoneAccess to terminology
doneAccess translation memory
doneClient review
doneEdit translation memory
doneInstant MT & TM a document
doneInstant Quotes
doneOrder history
doneReporting & Analytics
SecuritydoneCan prevent file downloads
donePrevent MT use
doneRoles and access rights editor