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Founded: 2009
Updated: 08 / 07 / 2021

info_outline About

Text United is a cloud-based, full-service translation platform that aims to help companies make the translation process fast and smooth, so translations cost less and are ready even faster.



  1. In-Context Website/E-commerce translation
  2. Self Service- decide who will translate (In-house or outsourced)
  3. Simple and intuitive UI
  4. Translation of documents and software
  5. Media transcription and translation 
  6. Online and desktop CAT Tool
  7. Dedicated translators’ portal
  8. Translation Memory and terminology management
  9. Machine translation engine
  10. Build your own translation team
  11. Project management tools
  12. RESTful API and many third-party integrations

Best for

  • Text United services a broad range of customers from startups to enterprises looking to fully automate the translation process for their content, products, and software.


Text United was founded by Marek Piorkowski in 2009 in Vienna, Austria, as a SaaS platform that connects websites, apps and documents with cloud based TMS, proprietary language technologies and a global network of translators.

As of 2019, Text United employed 21 people and continuously enjoys a growth rate above 70%

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local_atm Pricing

Team Pricing

Plans start at 60 euros per month on a yearly payment, and 70 on monthly payment. All plans include unlimited languages, unlimited projects, and unlimited users, plus a 14-day free trial.