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Updated: 03 / 06 / 2022

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Deployment model

Private cloud
donePublic Cloud

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doneIntegrated OCR
doneWebsite translation proxy

power Integrations



Public Machine translation

doneAmazon Sockeye

Business management


Online repositories (hotfolder integrations)

Google Drive

Web & Software

WordPress Polylang

Marketing automation


Supported file formats

done.NET localization formats (.resx .resw)
doneAdobe FrameMaker (.mif)
doneAdobe InDesign (.idml .indb)
doneAdobe InDesign™ (.inx)
doneAndroid apps (.xml)
doneDITA (.dita)
doneExcel (.xls .xlsx)
doneiOS apps (.strings)
doneJava property files (.properties)
doneJavaScript (.json)
doneMemoQ (.mqxliff)
doneMicrosoft Office (.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .xlsm .ppt .pptx)
doneMultilingual website GetText Portable object (.po .pot)
doneOpenOffice (.sxw .odt .ods .odp)
donePDF (.pdf)
doneSDL Trados Tag Editor (.ttx)
doneSubRip text (srt)
doneTimed Text Markup Language (.ttml)
doneTrados Studio (.sdlxliff)
doneTypo3 website pages (.xml)
doneWeb pages (.html .htm .xhtml .xht .shtml .shtm)
doneXLIFF (.xlf)
doneYAML language (.yml .yaml)
doneZip archives (.zip)

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Other Integrations


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info_outline About

Smartcat is building a single-loop translation delivery system. Smartcat uses a disruptive business model to enable Connected Translation.
Having started development as early as in 2010, Smartcat began to see rapid growth in 2017.
As of April 2020, Smartcat has more than 100 employees globally.


  1. Fully cloud-based TMS
  2. Web-based editor with a central translation memory, termbase, automatic QA
  3. Translation management suite with automation rules
  4. Payment automation solutions
  5. 300,000+ freelancer marketplace
  6. REST API and pre-built integrations with various CMS & repos
  7. Own MT engine, as well as others integrated
  8. Built-in OCR

Security: SC offers a choice of servers for data storage in US, Ireland, and Hong Kong, and has a private cloud option (without access to the marketplace).


Best suited for

  1. Translation companies
  2. Translation customers looking for linguists/LSPs or a translation environment to streamline processes in their translation/localization department
  3. Freelance and in-house linguists, as well as related professionals



Smartcat was originally developed in 2012–2015 as a CAT tool for in-house use by ABBYY Language Solutions, a linguistic service provider within the ABBYY group of companies. The parent company became a resident of the Skolkovo accelerator in 2011. The SaaS service was launched in 2014 in beta.

In 2016, Smartcat spun out of ABBYY LS to become a separate company and attracted $2.8 million in investments from Ilya Shirokov, ex-CEO at Odnoklassniki and founder of Yandex-acquired social network

In 2018, Smartcat raised 7 million in Series A from Matrix Partners.

As of May 2020, the platform has more than 300,000 freelance and corporate suppliers on its marketplace and provides an “app store” allowing users to integrate their Smartcat account with third-party solutions.

local_atm Pricing

Translator Pricing



Option 1 – Forever Free. This package gives you everything you’ll find in other platforms, plus some things you don’t, all for $0 dollars.
Option 2 – Smartcat Rise
Starting from 249$/mo.: Has everything from Forever Free plus Project Management Auto-Pilot, Increased Automation, Enhanced Data Management & Security, Global AP/AR budget-saving solution, VIP Treatment.

Team Pricing

Enterprise solutions are also available – including Private cloud options.

g_translate Translator workbench

Editor functionality

doneConcordance search
doneMultiple segment filtering optionshelp_outline
doneSearch and replace
doneSource text editinghelp_outline
doneSupports hidden texthelp_outline

Translation Editor OS support

doneLinux offline editor
doneMac offline editor
doneWeb editor
doneWindows offline editor


doneAdaptive machine translation integratedhelp_outline
doneAutomated locking of non-translatables (tags & numbers)help_outline
doneCentralized & real-time translation memory
doneMachine translation integrated
doneShared Public TM


doneAutomated quality assurance (AutoQA)
doneIntegration with 3rd-party QAhelp_outline
doneQA check customizationhelp_outline
doneQuality evaluation functionality (LQA)


doneControl over the length of the target segmenthelp_outline
doneSegments can link to screenshots and reference materials


doneLive suggestions from term base
doneMultilingual termshelp_outline
doneQA check for consistency
doneTerm descriptions & images


doneBuilt-in instant messaging chat
doneComments for segments
doneMulti-user simultaneous work on a single jobhelp_outline
doneTracked changes

record_voice_over PM workbench

Access (PM)

doneWeb app


doneAutomated project creation and resource allocation
doneDocument version historyhelp_outline
doneJob analysis and price calculation based on TM & MT
doneOverdue job notifications
donePurchase order generationhelp_outline
doneSplitting one project between several linguists
doneTask manager for an in-house team
doneVendor price lists and cost analyticshelp_outline


doneNon-linguistic tasks allowed in workflowshelp_outline
doneSource change detectionhelp_outline
doneWorkflow builder
doneWorkflows can launch from an API call

Vendor management

doneAutomated vendor selection based on rules and quality scoreshelp_outline
doneFirst come first served job allocationhelp_outline
doneJob marketplacehelp_outline
donePayment automationhelp_outline
doneProject sharing (subcontracting)help_outline
doneVendor availability trackinghelp_outline
doneVendor profiles
doneVendors can log in to review past & available work
doneVendors can upload invoices to the tool

Customer portal

doneAccess translation memory
doneEdit translation memory
doneInstant MT & TM a document
doneInstant Quotes
doneOrder history
donePayment processing
doneWhitelabelling and branding


doneCan prevent file downloads
donePrevent MT use
doneRoles and access rights editor
doneUser activity logs